Downtown Kansas City 'Strata' Stalled Again

Another hold as KCMO politicos push back against a generous bit of financial backing for a speculative project and parking push back. Check headline deets with more info for subscribers:

$133M Strata tower gets 30 more days to address KC's exposure - Kansas City Business Journal

The Kansas City Council again has delayed the $133 million Strata office tower project. Mayor Quinton Lucas said Thursday that the developers requested a 30-day hold to revise the project to address concerns from the council about the financial liability the city would face. The development group, led by H&R Block Inc.


  1. Be careful. We don't want to lose this to the Kansas Side

  2. Shut it down. Let Kansas pay for it.

  3. Nah, the "developers" will cut it back to three floors and forty rooms, that will only cost $32 Million, of which Kansas City will only have to guarantee $58 million.

    The Council will jump on board with this because Troy will endorse it and he's leaving, so they don't want to hurt his feelings.


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