Downtown Kansas City 'Strata' Stalled

Money line from the real mayor of KCMO:

“I think it’s time for the developer to really go back to the drawing board and really come up with a different model,” Councilwoman Katheryn Shields said.

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$94 million Strata office tower delayed another week - Kansas City Business Journal

The $94 million Strata office tower hit another roadblock Thursday, as the Kansas City Council delayed taking up the project. The council expressed concerns about the deal the city has struck with a development group led by H&R Block Inc. and Copaken Brooks.


  1. Kansas City can’t fill the office buildings it has already. This isn’t something ANY politician should be considering endorsing at this time.


  2. FIX FUCKING JARBOE &79th street

  3. they only approve money for condos, not for buildings that employ people

  4. Easy resolution, H. & R. Block reaches down in its pocket, pulls out a wad of cash, and builds the whole damn thing themselves!

    If it's "built on spec", and it's a truly a worthwhile business venture, then they can do it easily and keep all the vast profits for themselves.

    This is called "Capitalism", Block may have heard of it somewhere.

  5. Total con job by Copaken, Riffel and other crony capatists!! Just say NO or get recalled!!!

  6. There's been a recession going back to 2007 .And we are entering a Depression for many And consumers are still taking on debt. Business are starting to lay off. Soon they will be upside-down in ther Home Values and Paying more in taxes. There will be fewer Businesses leasing office space.

  7. Let's go back to the 80s, Just Say No.

  8. Increasing supply without increasing demand simply results in the devaluation of office buildings. How is that supposed to increase the tax base?

  9. City on the line for a minimal amount, developers taking the risk here...Cordish can't get quality spaces leased in Power and Light for years.. but they fight anyone that tries to improve downtown..bad people from Baltimore folks..bad people..


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