Sunday, September 29, 2019

Downtown Kansas City Hotel Glut Intensifies

A recent study revealed that THERE'S TOO MANY HOTEL INSIDE THE LOOP but that won't stop hopeful souls from piling on the "MOMENTUM" bandwagon in hopes of outlasting the heavily subsidized and flimsy competition. Here's a look at another contender who might be too late or early to the party . . . Read more:

Cambria Hotels Adding Another 149 Rooms Downtown

By Ian Ritter Kansas City will add another new hotel to its inventory in 2021. The Cambria Kansas City -Downtown is going up at 205 W. 9th St., at Wyandotte Street, and total 149 rooms over six stories. A brand in the Choice Hotels family, South Dakota-based Lloyd Companies and a group called MWA LLC are the developers.


Anonymous said...

Sly was alway about creating employment for unemployable folks at the taxpayers expense...

Anonymous said...

I think developers come to Kansas City because our political system is so inbred and easily corrupted.

Anonymous said...

Over priced Econo Lodge.

Anonymous said...

Hey, those 25 gazillion anal visitors to the Kcorrupt Kcrumbling Kcrimmie Kcowtown got to have lodging within the vibrant, diverse, momentous Kclowntown downtown!

Sung to the tune of "Kansas City":

*Going to Killa Shitty,*
*Killa Shitty here we come!*
*They got some cratered, littered roadways there,*
*Lord, we're gonna fall in some!*

*We'll be assaulted on the corner*
*And robbed on the corner*
*Of 18th & Vine*

We'll be shoved into fountains, and get the knockout*
*On the Plaza tonight!*
*They got some angry kids who'll hurt us bad*
*But, St Luke's is on the streetcar path.*

Anonymous said...

The NFL draft is coming in 4 years , so look for more Hotels to come , and on that week charge people 900 bucks a night, some of you wonder how people can live in huge homes in gated communities?....Thats how.