Did UAW Rally Push Former Veep Joe Biden Over The Top In 2020 Prez Contest???

Biden's lead is getting bigger according to one poll . . . But the Sen. Elizabeth Warren polling win is making bigger news and more hype even if she wants to repeat the same mistakes that killed Hillary Clinton's candidacy.

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In Kansas City, Kansas, Biden Courts UAW Vote As GM Strike Enters Second Week

At a stop in Kansas City, Kansas, on Sunday, former Vice President Joe Biden stood on the bed of a black Chevy Z71 pickup and told several hundred striking United Auto Workers he was one of them. "I'm Joe Biden and I am UAW," he said to cheers and applause outside the General Motors' Fairfax plant.


  1. Haha funny TKC headline at least. The chuckle that brightens ones day.

  2. Doesn’t the union realize that the demmocrims want the green new deal and that means getting rid of fossil burning vehicles? Don’t they also realize that because of the environmental rules set in place by these chuckleheads, that caused a lot of businesses to leave the us, including gm putting plants in Mexico and Canada, Surely they aren’t that stupid...... are they?

  3. Crooked sleepy creepy joe is toast after the Ukraine news broke so.......

  4. Byron Funkhouser9/23/19, 6:58 PM


    Biden did the right thing, while Trump broke the law.

    Warren will be your next President.

  5. Byron Funkhouser9/23/19, 6:59 PM

    P.S. The mistake Tony is alluding to is probably just being a woman.

  6. Pocahontas takem orange man scalp.

  7. 5:15 IS correct, he is dropping in the polls. Sleepy JOE has been Trumped. The Trump administration planed this To bring out the Corruption of sleepy,Joe The transcripts will show The President did nothing wrong. The Democrats will look bad and the main stream media with there Fake news .Biden will be out of the Race

  8. Lol


  9. Just exactly has "Sleepy Joe" been accused of? Inquiring minds want to know.

  10. .2% Pokahinus will be the losing nominee.

  11. ^^^Should be "what has..." Still inquiring. Still want to know.

  12. Orange man scalp hidem giant skull with giant turd.

  13. Dream on crazy Byron! Warren will not be the nominee.

  14. ^^^^You can only hope!

  15. Warren is an easy victory for Trump.
    She is horrible in debates and Native Americans deplore her.
    Democratic hopes rely on the Green-New-Deal-Lying-Pocahontas
    Liberal media will have a hissy fit as polls will lie to them again as Trump...
    Makes America Great Again!

  16. Liberal Editorial Boards - like the locally failing KC Star- only have themselves to blame.
    Losing positions- like ombudsman and editorialists- lose “papers” money and subscribers.
    They then bully readers and hoodwink them into liberals’ ideology that never works and never has.. hoping to get folks into always failing Socialist policies.
    The kicker is: they keep telling everyone how they will make money off internet digital publishing.
    News of that kind is not worth much.
    2020 is the year of non-newspapers and 2020 Trump!

  17. Byron Funkhouser9/23/19, 8:57 PM

    I don't know if many of you noticed my recent absence. I entered a Tibetan monostery for even more enlightenment. Sadly the head monk told me I was simply too stupid to learn anything, and asked me to return to USA. I understand the one you call "chimpy" tried to fill in with his equally inane offerings, so thanks Chimpy. Now I'm back. Still no one near home listens to me, so I will continue to post idiotic shit to TKC.

  18. All we can tell for sure is that Biden scares the piss out of Trump.
    Enough to make him try to get another Country to interfere in our elections.

  19. ^^^^ now that’s funny and true right there! Hahahahaha!

  20. 9:44 meant for 8:57!

    Creepy joe is losing his mind while Trump plays the same game they play on him! Creepy joe no likey and he blow fuse and mind meltdown! Hahahahaha!

  21. Chimpy's anonymous comments are really Funky!9/23/19, 10:32 PM

    Yeah, sure, lying bLIEron @8:57. You're all too cray-cray to expect us to believe you gave up your playtime of posting here. You got OCD for TKC!

  22. ^^^^Gullible much?

  23. Still waiting to learn what Sleepy Joe's alleged crime is.

    Are you all waiting for Fox News to come up with talking points?

  24. 737 on standby to bring scabs from Ramos Arizpe, MX to KC?


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