Cowtown Irony: Crooks Target Stolen KC Social Media Anti-Theft Crusader

This super popular online chat group mostly serves to gripe about meth addicts on the outskirts of town and offer pix of property that will never be seen again . . . Now their leader has come under attack despite his best efforts to help people recover their merch. Read more:

'We're going to find you': Thieves target business of metro man behind Stolen KC page

LENEXA, Kan. - The man behind the popular Facebook page Stolen KC became the victim of a theft Wednesday afternoon. David Brucker owns a lawn care service. One of his crews was cutting grass at a property near College and Pflumm and left the door to their work truck open.


  1. Fucking idiot didnt lead by example,did he?

  2. Killer City Love - Keeping It Frosty

    Hey man I love you, now hand over the money. Thanks man now run man. I need some moving target practice. How bout them Chiefs man?

  3. ^^Ugh huh. Hey look! Matlock's on! You love the Matlock remember!

    1. Chimpy! Yay! Making use of the few human words you've been able to learn. Try 'Maude' next!! Lol

  4. Nothing worse than a Thief and a Liar. The Democrats would call that Progress ! Pff MAGA 2020


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