Sunday, September 15, 2019

Common Ground: Conservatives And Progressives Against Continued 'Border War' Kansas City Metro Corporate Welfare

One of the very few things on which locals can agree . . . Moving companies a few blocks by way of lavish incentives doesn't help the local economy or create new jobs . . . Instead it has been proven as a destructive practice which ultimately wastes taxpayer resources. Here's some more good news after it only took locals about a decade to figure this one out and agree to oppose this cheap political grudge match.

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The left and right agree to end taxpayer-funded job wars in Midwest

The states of Missouri and Kansas recently made history by agreeing to no longer pay companies to hop back and forth across the state line in the Kansas City metropolitan area. It's the first such legally binding deal between two states in U.S. history.


Anonymous said...

"legally binding deal"

LOL uh huh

Anonymous said...

"Conservative" and "Progressive" are meaningless terms when theft and bribery are involved. This is true on local, State and National levels.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ True.

Anonymous said...

Quitting TIF is like quitting a cocaine addiction. City leaders need to stop handing cash to developers when they threaten to "take their ideas elsewhere" if they don't get what they want. So go ahead and take your crackpot idea to another group of fools. If it's such a great idea (see Zona Rosa), then go.

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