Wednesday, September 18, 2019

College: Low Expectations In Kansas

Culture warriors shouldn't fret over diminishing standards, the liberal arts degree is equally worthless for denizens of every demographic.


New Requirements May Make It Easier For Some To Get Into Kansas Colleges, Harder For Others

The Kansas Board of Regents voted Wednesday to change the benchmarks for in-state students to attend the state's six public universities. Class-rank requirements are out, but higher GPAs are in. The move is meant to increase the number of Kansas high schoolers who are eligible to attend Kansas State University, Emporia State University, Pittsburg State University, Fort Hays State University, Wichita State University and the University of Kansas.


Anonymous said...

Jackson County recruits idiots all the time so this makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Any graduate of an accredited Kansas high school can enroll in a state college in Kansas now, has always been that way. WTF are they changing ?