Monday, September 16, 2019

Clay County Audit Stalled?!?!

Northland update on a longstanding debate that has middle-class residents engaging in online bullying, grassroots activism and a bevy of social media hateration. Read more:

Galloway, Clay County square off over state audit

CLAY COUNTY, Mo. - More than a year after Jason Withington and Sherry Duffett helped collect thousands of signatures to audit Clay County's Commission, they are still waiting for a state audit to be completed. "This was something we worked very hard for.


Anonymous said...

So the dastardly duo holding themselves out to be "Clay County" have now sued the State of Missouri in an yet another attempt to control the information that the State Auditor can view when performing the duties of her Office. Please note that standard auditing practice has always required full access to records.

Do Ridgeway and Owen think for a moment that they are representing anyone but themselves when they desperately throw taxpayer's money into the hands of outside lawyers working only for them?

How long will this travesty be allowed to continue?
When will they face the consequences of their misdeeds?
How much more of your Tax money will thy waste on their personal legal fees?
Have they no shreds of consideration for the People of the County left?

Anonymous said...

Orange is the new black.

Anonymous said...

The moron's in Clay County ELECTED them, more than once believing the GOP bullshit, you got what you elected, shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

Galloway should investigate the $12 million-dollar, Chicago, no bid contract to "improve customer service" in the Water Department. No changes or improvements were ever proclaimed by any of the media.
What did happen is that a flood of mailings began coming from Chicago and other locales wanting every KCMO property owner to buy water line insurance from a private company. The last several years the letters have been official looking letters from the City Manager. Why was Troy Schulte promoting private insurance? Only conclusion is that the $12 million was used to setup private companies to sell this insurance. Who are the silent partner/owners of this for-profit company created with taxpayer money?