Thursday, September 05, 2019

Check Kansas Real Estate Pr0n Winning

A glimpse at the good life out by the lake and local reporting possibly intended to inspire so many broke-ass locals. Take a look:

Inside the most expensive house in Kansas

LAKE QUIVIRA, KS (KCTV) -- It's not just the size of the house, which has seven bedrooms and 18,000 square feet. And, it's not the 15 acres of bronze statues and careful landscaping. The home at 5225 Renner is magnificent, down to the inlaid flooring, painted ceilings and heated patios.


Anonymous said...

LA’s most expensive listing sells at auction for $100K Aug 20.

The sprawling hilltop property was once listed for $1 billion


Mark Funkhouser said...

I think Amazon should buy it and turn it into a brothel, a place where all local polititians can go to work out their frustrations.

Anonymous said...

$ doesn't buy taste...