Authorities Share Shocking Blue Springs Break-In, Kidnapping And Robbery Charges Confronting Bad Hombre Bogus Electrician

As the season of indoor home repair approaches, here's a glimpse at inner-suburban danger which threatens residents throughout the metro. Read more:

Fake electrical worker breaks into Blue Springs home, kidnaps homeowner, court docs say

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- An Independence man is facing charges for robbery where the suspects allegedly dressed up as electrical workers and kidnapped a Blue Springs homeowner. Joshua Lopez, 30, is charged with robbery, kidnapping, two counts of armed criminal action and two counts of possession of a controlled substance in Jackson County court.


  1. We really need to liberalize the death penalty. This idiot will be out in 5 years to rob again.

  2. It will become THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS. DON'T TRUST ANY ONE. And canvassers knocking on doors BE especially aware, You don't know if they are.Scouting for a break in.

  3. Burn the wetback at the stake I’ll provide the gas


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