American Jazz Museum Plays Hopeful Yet Familiar Tune After Kansas City Bailout

An embattled and often violent entertainment district hopes to spruce up its image for the Fall and show off a remodeled and renewed attraction that has never really garnered much interest from anyone other than political hacks . . . . Here's a glimpse at the re-dedication with nearly $100-MILLION down the drain over a generation.

Check the links:

Fox4: New leaders, community optimistic about American Jazz Museum’s positive direction

KSHB: The American Jazz Museum will receive $1.02 million from the city this fiscal year. It's the same as last year, but double some previous years

And so we ask . . .


You decide . . .


  1. $1.02 million? Does that include the new Escalades? Or is $1.02 plus the Escalades? Are curb feelers extra?

  2. northlander9/4/19, 8:00 AM

    Put it downtown near the Green Lady . Need to be able to sell food and drink .

  3. I think the answer is raise taxes higher and higher and higher and higher in KCMO until people have no disposable income left to spend at all in the local economy.

    That what politico's are voted into office to do here isn't it? Take the loot and get the bling?

  4. There never was much of a Jazz scene in Kansas City!
    Any connection derived from its central location as a Railroad Hub.

    During the 1930s, when Jazz was actually popular, there were a few Clubs where a traveling musician, on his way to New York, LA, Chicago or New Orleans, (the jazz centers,) could play a gig or two and pickup some easy cash from KC's desperate fans.

    Sure, there were a few musicians from the area that made a name for themselves, but every single one of them had to leave KC and go to one of the real "Jazz Towns" to have any popularity and renown at all.

    Close this Temple to a Mythical Past down!

  5. OK 8:35 while we are closing things down, let close the Power and Light district, lets close down the One and Two Light towers, lets close down the money losing Zona Rosa shopping area, lets close the Crossroads district, and also the losing Plaza and Westport districts. You greedy white folks are always hating on the 18th and Vine area.

  6. I enjoy jazz. Listen to it daily. Just not foolish enough to go there to do so.

  7. 1.2 million for the Jazz District, 14 million for the Power and Light District... entertainment sure is expensive.

  8. It all ended in 2011. Jardine’s has been Kansas City’s pre-eminent jazz club for nearly 20 years.

    Anyway what replaced it a sneaker shop or yoga studio? A gym?

  9. ^^^ Vape Shop? Tat Studio?

  10. I agree with Hyperblogal.
    Taxpayers having to support places for a few folks to go get drunk in and shoot one another.

  11. Charles Whitman9/4/19, 9:50 AM

    I don't think the district should just have money thrown at it; however, I also think that there should be more bars and clubs opened down there, making a "Blackport". It should be a more popular spot for Africàn-Americans. Maybe it will be more attractive than Westport or P&L; and make those areas more appealing.

  12. 8:46am is really on to something.
    Any "business" or entertainment operation that can't financially support itself without endless taxpayer support should be shut down.
    And the downtown "renaissance" would suddenly reveal that it is little more than a movie set with fake building facades.
    Sly's whole legacy is built on a house of cards and mountains of debt.
    And the taxpayers are the unwitting and unwilling lenders of last resort.

  13. At lease people go downtown. No one goes to the jazz district. I've lived here my entire life and never heard anyone even talk about going there. Probably should just move it downtown for some sort of foot traffic at least

  14. ^^that's because you live in a rented trailer in Frogville. You've never been anywhere! Rube.

    1. Chimpy! You live in the zoo. There's no such thing as frogville, silly monkey :)

  15. ^^And you're full of crap and know nothing.

  16. Dance, Chimpy!
    Don't let @12:10 stop you, prance and dance and caper around for us, we need something to laugh at!

    Tell us Maude's on, we know you have a "thing" for Bea Arthur, you probably spend lots of time in the John thinking about how mean she'd be to you!

    So dance for us Chimpy, post on every thread on TKC, caper and grunt!
    Don't forget Depends, be sure to mention those, we count on it, some of us place bets on how many times you'll type their name a day.

    And of course there's the running "Geezer Score", right now your personal best is posting that word 52 times in one day, but I think you can do better.

    Dance on, Chimpy - dance on!

  17. I like some jazz but as 11:01 says, I’ve never heard of anyone, resident or tourist talk about the jazz district. Maybe design some sort of small space/display about the city’s jazz past in Union Station or the KC Museum. But any more money spent on 18th and Vine is just more waste. Politicians need to realize that they’re not a teenager with daddy’s credit card. It’s always easy to spend other people’s money. How excited would the city’s leaders be to make significant contributions from their own paychecks to support 18th and Vine?

  18. City to sponsor free malt liquor trucks at 18th & Vine on First Friday’s. Crossroad District problem solved at lower cost than more insurance.

  19. 18th Vine is a dangerous area.


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