Friday, August 09, 2019

Westport Champagne Queen Needs A Break

She's one of the rare locals who can garner an upscale crowd on her own . . . And now she's leaving party district for a well-deserved respite. Check the rest of the story here:

Caitlin Corcoran will depart beloved Westport champagne bar Ça Va

Caitlin Corcoran of Ça VaCaitlin Corcoran has been a fixture at Ça Va since 2014, when she became the Westport champagne bar's general manager and managing partner. But guests will soon have to start saying their goodbyes: Corcoran is stepping down. Corcoran will be taking a sabbatical beginning August 18.


Anonymous said...

Is that the place the really likes abortions? I mean really digs aborting babies.

Anonymous said...

^^^No you're thinking of the current resident of the White House.

Anonymous said...

Not babies, @11:33, they advocating post-natal abortions of KU Grads.

What isn't mentioned is that Caitlin left because she finally sobered up and realized where she was.

Anonymous said...


Caitlin waiting for her Uber driver - or whoever else wanders by.