Friday, August 30, 2019

Vivion Road Gunfire, Chase & Crash

Kansas City has the second officer-involved shooting in two days. Here's the aftermath of gunfire near Vivion Road on the nicer side of the bridge. Take a look:

Pursuit ends with shots fired by Clay County sheriff's deputies

One person taken to hospital -- A pursuit ended with shots being fired by Clay County deputies Friday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Probably took KCPD 20 minutes to get there and help.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up with your "nicer side of the bridge" comment. Maybe further north near Liberty, Smithville or Parkville, but here in good old KCMO it's business as usual. Drugs abound, broken down houses are an eyesore on every block, and vacant lots and buildings sit year after year. Nicer? I guess it does beat 30th & Euclid. Fewer gunshots and dead bodies -- for now.

Anonymous said...

More like took KCPD 10 years to get there.

Captain Taco said...

Deb Hermann's Vivon Road plan will address all of this corridors problems. At least that's what shes telling city leaders while she shakes them down for more money.