Thursday, August 22, 2019

Trailer Crook Targeted Youngster's Mini-Moto

Human interest story and this one kinda got to TKC a bit . . . A youngster works hard to get a mostly worthless piece of junk and it's taken from him by neighbors who who obviously targeted the benefits of his labor . . . One more look at rising metro high crime and how it's impacting everyone from the urban core to the trailer park. Checkit:

Video captures thieves stealing child's mini motorcycle

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A 9-year-old Northland boy was left heartbroken earlier this week after thieves the mini motorcycle he worked months to afford. Timmy Abner grew up loving motorcycles and said he mowed lawns to raise money to buy one. "He's been on a bike since he was probably about 1," his dad, Tim.


Anonymous said...

Some loser scumbag that won't get a job is probably who stole it. Any bets it's the loser who posts crap on here all day long bad mouthing others.

Anonymous said...

^^I'd bet it was stupid dave. Sounds like something he would do.

Anonymous said...

^^ what a complete asshole you have to be to say such a thing! You just admitted to being a real loser saying that.

Hope kid gets his scooter back and some dumb fuck like the poster above gets his ass royally kicked by the kids dad.

Anonymous said...

We really need a race war in Kansas City to fix things. We need to put some people in their place like they were 60 years ago.

Anonymous said...

^^^Yes. Exactly! People like you were aborted 60 years ago. We didn't do retards then.