Saturday, August 24, 2019


The biggest challenge in building the new airport has been keeping everyone happy and in this respect KCMO has one again come up short . . .

A schedule of listening sessions seems nice but the PR hasn't impressed some local labor leaders and even more businesses who feel they've been shut out of the process.

Here's the list of upcoming gripe sessions amid an ongoing series of meetings that are growing more contentious:

There are a myriad of complaints but the most relevant seem to be those coming from vendors in a confused line for bids on concessions.

Remember, one of the main points for building the new airport was to offer more shopping and dining opportunities for travelers passing through Kansas City . . . Now it seems the prospect of a de facto airport shopping mall has become confused and developers are torn between the higher yields of big name brands vs. locking low-rent locals out of the market. Even worse, the new airport will be smaller and space is at a premium.

Add this to the absence of a real community benefit agreement, a growing list of broken promises and construction falling behind schedule and was can see this project already on a collision course.

Sadly, local newsies are hesitant to talk about rising debate as they mistakenly believe the new mayor is flying high rather than caught in a tailspin and about to crash & burn.

And so, all of this current and impending airport drama inspires our playlist tonight . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


Cgc said...

Disaster from day one but the concession problem just scratches the surface. Never thought the baggage claim issue was truly resolved.

One word that you forget T: Renegotiation.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sly. Quite a legacy you've left us. A ruined airport and a city full of contractors and businesses fighting over scraps with no leadership.

I guess we can call that momentum.

price line. said...

3 billion and counting.

Anonymous said...

2030 is probably a more realistic completion date. How do we kickback to thee let us count the ways.

Anonymous said...

Not much point in holding these meetings in KCK, Olathe, Blue Springs or Independence, it's the KCMO Taxpayers whose futures are on the line when revenues aren't enough to cover the Airport Bonds.

Retro ROCKER said...

Will there be much of a travel economy after the airport is built. Will Visitors want to Travel to Kansas City ,There may be many trying to leave K.C. FOR A FEW WEEKS BUT will they fly.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone in the Metro area who is naïve enough to believe that the concessionaires for the "new KCI" haven't already been selected?

If so, can we discuss some real estate deals?