Wednesday, August 21, 2019


This link tease pretty much tells the whole story . . . Here are the basics without fussing with the paywall:

"Wickham James Strategies & Solutions LC is a consulting firm that will focus on a number of the issues and initiatives the pair worked on from City Hall, including early childhood education, women’s leadership and policy."

TKC perspective because this isn't really news . . .


He was hard to work with, short-tempered and horrible at building coalitions. So, whilst we wish him the best of luck, we just wanted to see if the former City Hall honcho could garner a few jobs from our blog community . . . Take a look:

Former KC Mayor Sly James, top aide start consulting firm - Kansas City Business Journal

Sly James and Joni Wickham say their new business will let them continue to work on issues they pursued while in City Hall.


Anonymous said...

From past experience I would never hire a black.

Reasons why:

1) The smell is horrible. I am not joking here. They smell terrible. The unwashed processed hair,and bad hygiene permeates the office. It is so bad you want to gag. It is almost surreal how much they smell. I hired a female temp. I had not met her in person. When she showed up on the first day, it was like a tornado of bad smell around the office. People were looking at me why would you allow this in the office.

2) They are as slow as molasses. Not just in the work ethic, but in the ability to learn. A simple learning curve takes forever.

3) Always calling in sick for the most idiotic reasons. ALWAYS LATE!!

4) Will file discrimination suites for almost anything.

5) Do not want them representing my company in person or on the phone. When people hear the black voice and ebonics lingo, they know the company must be sub standard.

6) Horrible 'world owes them' attitude!

I would only hire a White or Asian at this point.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Not that you'll ever be in a position to hire anyone. Now back to that grill. Those burgers won't flip themselves.

Anonymous said...

1:36 makes a point. Especially on calling in for dumb reasons. That’s been my experience with every black I’ve ever managed. It got to the point that resumes with black names or addresses went into the trash.

Anonymous said...

@1:36Pm-Who are you fooling? You are on a blog for dying geriatrics in the middle of the day. You own nothing! Not even that shitty trailer you rent in Frogville. Don't you have some meth to do?

Anonymous said...

I, sir, am a firm believer in the truth. And the truth about negroes must be heard.

Embrace White Power! - TKC Featured Contributor Chuck M. Lowe

Anonymous said...

KCMO politicos already know how to waste the taxpayers' money.
The clowns at the Jackson County courthouse know how to try to cover up incompetence and grift.
And the Queer Eyes crew certainly dress much better than Sly.
Where does he think he can peddle his "expertise"?
You mean to say that none of the law firms, developers, or corporations that he did so much for threw out an offer?
And NOTHING from the Dems in Washington?
All that hype for nothing!
This "consulting" gig won't last six months.

Anonymous said...

Hell No!!!!

Richard Simmons said...

He looks like fat black version of Pee Wee Herman, just sayin.

Anonymous said...

2:27 Yet you post on here in the middle of the day - Weird!! You must work overnights at Walmart stocking shelvesfor 11 bucks a hour moron.

Anonymous said...

^^Huh? At least he can write a coherent sentence. What are you...retarded?

Anonymous said...

Oh Chimpy. It's cute when you pretend to be human, but no one is fooled. It's your smell lol

Kohl said...

Yes, he's a Marine and seems to be a good lawyer. Semper Fi , Sly.

Anonymous said...

All true, and hilarious

Anonymous said...

He's a temperamental fatass who did nothing to stop the problems in the town he pretended to govern. He can consult on donuts, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree 100% with 1:36. There is no reason to ever hire one of them. Nothing good will result and they will represent your firm poorly.

Anonymous said...

Sly is trying to cash in on all his River Club lunches with the Mission Hills crowd that wants to continue ripping off KCMO taxpayers.

Please, just move to Washington DC and leave us alone!!!

Anonymous said...

Fuck that fucking fat fuck!

Anonymous said...

I think Sly would look good running a street sweeper. Other than that he isn't worth much else as he proved.

Sharquay Chiggibinnutsiez said...

In essence SLie has not left office since he is still pushing his failures with the city.

Anonymous said...

“Former KC Mayor Sly James, top aide start consulting firm - Kansas City Business Journal”

Yeah, because being a lawyer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and well when you’re used to chasing ambulances (which is strictly prohibited by law and fraud), actually working for a living presents some challenges - especially when you don’t want to do the work. Don’t worry, he’ll still put down passing the bar as an accomplishment with no real evidence of actually using his law license for much else other than a show piece. This fat turd should just go away. I can’t imagine how this is something that can be or should be monetized.

Anonymous said...

Clown Suit Consulting LLC

Anonymous said...

^^^ that’s a good one!

sLIE is just trying to weasel him some more tax money and since he was mayor he knows the secrets to getting all he wants, that reason alone is enough of a reason to never hire him for the city. A lobbyist for hire is a very bad thing for us taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Why did any black women ever vote for Sylvester James?

He doesn't like black women.

Been married twice, both times to white women.

Had a law firm partnership with a white woman.

As Mayor, his top aide was a white woman. And now he's opening a "consulting" business with her.

Sylvester has never liked the East-side, nor its residents, since he was a kid going to Catholic school with primarily white kids.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing to criticize in his race. I do think he has little value as a consultant, which just perpetrates the revolving door that stinks so badly in this town.

He couldn't get the fix done on the Airport so Burns and Mac didn't see a need to hire him. Nor KCPL as they already hired Cindy Circo and she is better looking.

Bloomberg is entering senility, used to be a great businessman. Now he is going down the path of pure crap. Nobody of gravitas wants to hear the
throw away lines of Sly anymore