Monday, August 19, 2019

TKC Question: Where Can I Get My Freebie RING Doorbell From KCPD?!?!

It's ALMOST worth signing up for Kansas City's police spy network in order to get some freebie tech.

If they sweeten the offer with a Starbucks gift card there's a real chance that TKC in short shorts (ewwwww) taking out the trash could be come part of the local deep state's channel selection. Checkit:

The Kansas City Police Department is partnering with video doorbell maker Ring to provide free devices to some KC neighborhoods. Police and neighborhood leaders hope the cameras will help prevent and investigate crime. Tom Ribera wants to get the word out that his northeast Kansas City neighborhood is being watched.

Can Ring Doorbells Help Fight Crime in Kansas City, Mo.?


Anonymous said...

KCMO police will have to reduce the TIPS amount to $15000 in order to pay for these.

Anonymous said...

^^^^and yet you bitch and moan that they do nothing about crime. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Weird weird weird weird weird weird weird weird weird guy, are you related to shit-4-brains that complains about diaper wearing seniors?
Are you one in the same?
Just be aware that the 'weird' & 'diaper' novelty has worn off, and you need a new gimmick.


Anonymous said...

Ring employees were given access to live feeds ... employees spy on its customers...

Welcome to your new consumer technology. Safety and Security First!

Anonymous said...

Wow, hood rats think this is great! They can steal the doorbells for resale.

Hurry and get them out there. Descriptions of thieves, "hoodies".

Anonymous said...

^^Hey look...Maude's on!