Sunday, August 04, 2019


The tragic killing of an innocent woman has shaken Kansas City to its core and caused locals to second-guess the development agenda which has dominated City Hall for nearly a decade.

Now, in the aftermath of this disaster, what's clear is the the responsibility for fixing this situation falls upon more than just police and City Hall but to the entire community.


Because the response  from 1st Friday organizers so far reveals that Crossoads insiders don't really have a clue about the challenges they're confronting.

This article reveals as much . . .

First Fridays organizers to re-examine safety protocol

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - First Fridays is an event for families to enjoy local art and food, however Friday night changed everything. "We've never had anything happen like this," Jeff Owens, Vice President of the Crossroads Community Association and Chair for the First Fridays event said.

And so we ask . . .


We'll compile some of the best comments if there are enough people willing to share honest insight and not just the same reactionary garbage from both sides . . .

Thing of it is, our blog community believes this Crossroads debate over public safety from gunfire runs parallel to this weekend's national discussion regarding gunfire, politics and mass shootings . . .

Examples and some of the most provocative op/ed reporting after a bloody weekend:

Anti-Trump After Tragedy

Trump administration is "facilitating and enabling" youth to commit "terrorism," ex-FBI official says after El Paso shooting

Hours after the mass shooting in El Paso on Saturday, which left 20 dead and at least 26 others injured, former FBI assistant director Frank Figliuzzi accused President Donald Trump and his administration of "facilitating and enabling" American youth to commit acts of domestic "terrorism" by failing to explicitly condemn hate against immigrants.

Big Picture Devastation

At Least 29 Dead After Shootings In Texas and Ohio, With Police Probing Alleged White Supremacist Views of El Paso Gunman

Within 13 hours in two U.S. cities-El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio-at least 29 people were killed in mass shootings on Saturday and Sunday. Police in Dayton, Ohio were gathering information on Sunday morning about a shooting that took place in the city's downtown Oregon neighborhood at about 1:00am.

Sunday Regret

Dayton shooting: 'Thoughts and prayers aren't enough,' says one Ohio politician

CLOSE Buy Photo Investigators from the Dayton Police, Ohio State Highway Patrol, ATF and FBI work the scene of a deadly mass shooting in the Oregon District area of Dayton, Ohio, on Sunday, Aug. 4, 2019. Ten people are dead, including the suspected shooter, and 26 are injured after shooting broke out in Dayton's Oregon District.

Gun Grabber Outcry Targets The Constitution
The Second Amendment has failed America
Hater Profile

El Paso Suspect Reportedly a Trump Supporter Who Wrote Racist, Anti-Immigrant Manifesto

When Will Obama Stop Dividing Democrats by Attacking Obama's Record? While Country Focused on El Paso, Trump Tweeted About UFC, Retweeted Praise We Should No Longer Doubt What the Democratic Party Is Today At Least 20 People Reportedly Killed in Mass Shooting at Texas Walmart Reports are identifying the suspected gunman of the shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, that killed at least 20 people as 21-year-old Patrick Crusius.

Democratic Party 2020 Rally

Mayor Pete calls for change after deadly shootings: 'We cannot allow the Second Amendment to be a death sentence'

Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg has a clear view of where to place blame following deadly shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, this weekend. The South Bend, Ind., mayor pointed specifically to "weak gun safety" measures and white nationalism as the culprits, after the El Paso shooter was linked to anti-Mexican statements.

Commander-In-Chief Tweet

Trump on two mass shootings: 'God bless the people of El Paso Texas. God bless the people of Dayton, Ohio'

President Donald Trump on Sunday weighed in on two mass shootings that occurred 13 hours apart from one another in Texas and Ohio, writing in a tweet, "God bless the people of El Paso Texas. God bless the people of Dayton, Ohio."

Developing . . .


Sunday In Kansas City said...

Pray for the families.

Pray for our nation.

Anonymous said...

The Onion always handles this the best when they write: 'No Way To Prevent This,' Says Only Nation Where This Regularly

If we do nothing, we can only expect the same results.

Anonymous said...

Disarm the criminals first with the laws already on the books. No need for new laws to target law abiding citizens and turn us all into victims.

Anonymous said...

The nation is in crisis and what I fear is that things will just get worse during election season. What's horrible is that there are so many voices using these tragedies to blame and to attack for their own political reasons but not anybody who can unite the country in expressing remorse. You can't even express sympathy without being attacked.

Jason said...

^^^ +100

Glad everyone who reads this blog isn't a monster. Even if it's the trolls who want to hijack the conversation.

Accountability? said...

Really glad Trump stopped the violence on day one!

Anonymous said...

I love Kansas City and I love the United States. I think we can make it through this crisis but what I know for sure is that the answers probably won't come from some of the very same people on both sides who only point out the flaws in the ideology of their political opponents without any introspection or examination of their own role in the crisis.

Anonymous said...

Can't help but notice a pattern here.

After every tragedy THEY want you to give up your free speech rights and your gun rights.

After that, problem is solved and if it's not there is no one who could dare complain.

- Garnish

Anonymous said...

God bless the people of El Paso Texas. God bless the people of Dayton, Ohio


Anonymous said...

Want to make the streets safe?

Let cops go back to being cops!

You see thugs ain't scared of cops. Have to put the fear of dealing with the consequences back into the peoples minds. Harsh punishment, hard time served in jail will in time stop a lot of this street violence. If people don't want to behave lock them up and throw away the key. Better yet just kick them out of the country if they use a gun to commit a crime.

Anonymous said...

Barriers and metal detectors. Pat downs at entry. Dogs trained to sniff roaming the crowd, or lack of a crowd whichever the case is.

Super Dave said...

What really angers me is the mindset of the people who want to blame the guns instead of the culture of the people who are doing the killing.

Anonymous said...

Call in the Army, surround the Inner City, do a house-to-house search for firearms, confiscate all firearms found in a house or business where Felons can be present, immediately arrest and hold anyone found to be in possession of a firearm who cannot legally own one (Felon, minor, no CCW, etc.).

Impose a mandatory death sentence for any felon found to be in possession of a firearm, sentence to be carried out without possibility of appeal within one week.

Impose a mandatory death sentence with the above provisions on anyone found to have provided a firearm to a felon or minor.

If this does not suit your sensibilities or "interferes with your Rights", stand around winging your hands and whining about "senseless violence".

Anonymous said...

Other countries have mental illness just lo,e we do yet they don't have constant mass shootings. I wonder what the difference is?

Anonymous said...

This shit literally happened in New Zealand and the biggest modern mass shooting happened in fucking France a few years ago. The second happened in Norway. Anyone who says and thinks this only happens in the US to visit isn't smart enough to think for themselves

Byron Funkhouser said...

Estoy con los latinoamericanos que están siendo injustamente vilipendiados por el racista y terrorista doméstico en la Casa Blanca.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Look everyone, Byron is Bilingual (that means he speaks with a forked tongue)!

Anonymous said...

Add Crossroads to another failed attempt to bring the city together. Tifs,bars and expensive apartments don’t work.

Anonymous said...

What that prick byron just said is;
I am with Latin Americans who are being unfairly vilified by the racist and domestic terrorist in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Try electing some people in KCMO who are more interested in being serious about the actual responsibilities of municipal government than they are being make-believe celebrities and water carriers for insiders, developers, and grifters.
Focus on policing those parts of the city with the highest crime statistics and demand cooperation from the 'leaders" of those neighborhoods. If they're not interested, push them out of the way and do what needs to be done to protest society.
Public safety is the highest responsibility of any level of government.
Get rid of the multi-million dollar bills of taxpayer-supported fake nonprofits like Aim4Peace, NoVa, ad Hoc, and all the rest, and use the savings to hire more cops.
The guns that are used in incidents like the Crossroads tragedy are mostly obtained illegally, owned by under-aged thugs or convicted felons, or stolen.
Sweep the 65-or-so-block area where most of the KCMO homicides take place and confiscate illegal weapons.
And, again, either "the community", which is to say a minority of a minority portion of the city's residents, is either a part of the efforts to solve the problem, or it IS the problem.
At least that much will become even clearer than it already is.
Do Lucas or any of the council have the guts to even consider this?
Not likely.

Anonymous said...


Actually, how about, all of Kansas City safe again?

Well, the 1st thing you have to do if you're a policy maker is to pull your head out of your ass.

Look at the KCPD violent crime data for years and years, and understand that the problem is young black males and their culture of violence. Not all young black males, but that's the demographic where the emphasis needs to be.

If you think I just made a racist statement, and not a factual statement, you have your head up your ass and can't begin to solve this problem.

It's like the person who hates getting wet on rainy days, but refuses to get a rain jacket or umbrella! Maybe you just like to complain and don't mind getting wet.

Anonymous said...

As for the 1st Friday shooting- terrible tragedy. A low minded ghetto culture with some kind of bizarre and stupid faux honor / code duello machismo mindset + ready access to handguns is to blame.

As for the mass killings in El Paso and Ohio ... madness is on the rise ... + read access to handguns is to blame.

Is this one of the ways America is “exceptional “????


Anonymous said...


18th and Main, KCMO, is 15 miles (as the crow flies) from Leawood's United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.

Troost is less than a mile East from 18th and Main.

Too many polite suburbanites falsely assume that everyone obeys the same rules of civil society.

Even during daylight hours, you need to avoid certain locations. After dark, you should stay in your own local neighborhoods and avoid the "urban" core.

Anonymous said...

bLIEron is a racist hate filled lying bastard so......

Besides, 29 dead on a weekend is par for the course for Chicago.

Anonymous said...

10:12: Good points, but it happens here almost daily these days. Sometimes, like yesterday, it's more than daily.

Pretty soon the headlines will be "No Mass Shootings Today" when appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead, ban guns, these idiots will start using explosives again, then you’ll ban them...... wait, what? Explosives are illegal? But how do they keep getting them?

Here comes socialism

Retro ROCKER said...

When you have mentally unstable teenagers in an mostly mature adult environment And there anger at someone involves them pulling a wepon.IT WILL NOT BE SAFE ANY WHERE. IF YOU NOTICE the crowds were in the tens of thousands. The STATE Fair In Missouri Has hundreds of STATE TROOPERS WITH Those Kinds of crowds

Anonymous said...

Build that Wall.....along Troost.

Anonymous said...

Okay, that is actually funny.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I do not understand, although I live far away, why I cannot seem to find people, aside from TKC, who wish to post my thoughts. Not in my home state, nor anywhere else for that matter. Puzzling why they apparently do not give a shit about what I have to say. I know I'm more intelligent than you conservatives.

Anonymous said...

To the real bLIEron, Probably because you are a racist hatefilled lyin cheatin bastard that’s why

Anonymous said...

To keep First Fridays safe is simple. Keep black people east of Troost.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Pete needs to shut the fuck up about the Second Ammendment. The only things he knows about are sucking cock and getting buttfucked.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I don't speak taco.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^Oooooooh! How interesting, well stated, and ORIGINAL. But you would this... how???? Inquiring minds want to know!

Anonymous said...

Mayor Pete. Ha!

Let's take advice from some degenerate who loves sticking his tongue is some other man's mouth. And I don't want to think of where else he sticks it.

Anonymous said...

Keep black people east of Venus I'd say.

Exterminate them! Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Could you document blacks do most mass shootings? I can't think of a single one.

Anonymous said...

1:08 is for 1:01, but it's great to know 1:07 doesn't do tacos.

Anonymous said...

"Let's take advice from some degenerate who loves sticking his tongue is some other man's mouth."

No, let's take advice from a pussy grabbing, vendor screwing, multiple bankrupt, fake billionaire TV Fraud.

"And I don't want to think of where else he sticks it." But you just can't stop thinking about it, right?

Anonymous said...


Guess that you want him sticking it in you.
Have fun, sweetcakes.
Now, go back to doing your nails.

Anonymous said...

Gun control, starting with re-implementing the assault weapons ban passed under Clinton and reversed under Bush. Universal background checks, which passed the House months ago and sits on Moscow Mitch's desk now.

Gun control doesn't violate the second amendment which applies to a "well regulated militia". No amendment in the bill of rights is absolute.

The GOP has blood on their hands for blocking everything for over a decade which has seen the levels of gun violence explode.

Anonymous said...

Kick Trump out of the White House since he radicalized the El Paso shooter through his racist rhetoric on the loudest white nationalist account on twitter. Trump also radicalized the Florida pipe bomber into action with his rallies and twitter.

Trump has violated his constitutional oath to protect the country and is a clear and present danger to Americans. Notice no one from the White House is speaking today. They can not defend him or his actions.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

And all the cops being murdered when obama was constantly going on television denouncing law enforcement was Obama’s fault? How the pulse night club? And the San Bernardino muslim attacks?
You blame obama for all that , right?

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

A murder here, a murder there. And pretty soon you’re talking real numbers

Anonymous said...

1:30 and that would include your first amendment rights to free speech because why stop at one constitutional right when you can fuck all of them up right, doesn’t the first amendment only cover freedom of religion? You can look at things any way you like now can’t you, moron.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

True. The bill of rights is not absolute, given the fact that there is a method to amend it
So stop bitching and go amend the constitution
I’m sure you can three fifths of the country to give up their freedoms as they have always known them

Anonymous said...

This is not a Trump-induced madness, and those who try and lay it at his feet are only applying the ideological tactic of never letting a tragedy go to waste. All I've heard since yesterday are partisan talking points.

This is a culture problem, not a gun problem. But, since identifying all the possible causes that lead to mass murder would often be politically incorrect, there is no real discussion.

If the El Paso and Dayton shootings were Trump's fault, then I guess all the following were the fault of Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama.

Oddly, I heard very few people blaming the occupant of the Oval Office when these slayings occurred.

1.Columbine High School Shooting, Littleton, Colorado – April 1999: 13 Dead

2.Atlanta Shootings, Atlanta, Georgia – July 1999: 12 Dead

3.Wedgwood Baptist Church shooting, Fort Worth, Texas – September 1999: 7 Dead

4.Xerox Killings, Honolulu, Hawaii – November 1999: 7 Dead

5.Tampa Hotel Shootings, Tampa, Florida – December 1999: 5 Dead

6.Wakefield Massacre, Wakefield, Massachusetts – December 2000: 7 Dead

7.Lockheed Martin Shooting, Median, Mississippi – July 2003: 6 Dead

8.Living Church of God Shooting, Brookfield, Wisconsin – March 2005: 7 Dead

9.Red Lake High School, Red Lake Indian Reservation, Minnesota – March 2005: 9 Dead

10.Goleta Postal Shootings, Goleta, California – January 2006: 7 Dead

11.Capitol Hill Massacre, Seattle Washington – March 2006: 6 Dead

12.West Nickel Mines Amish School, Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania – October 2006: 5 Dead

13.Tolley Square Shooting, Salt Lake City, Utah – February 2007: 5 Dead

14.Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, Virginia – April 2007: 32 Dead

15.Crandon Shooting, Crandon Wisconsin – October 2007: 6 Dead

16.Westroads Mall Shooting, Omaha Nebraska – December 2007: 8 Dead

17.Kirkwood City Council Shooting, Kirkwood, Missouri – February 2008: 6 Dead

18.Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, Illinois – February 2008: 5 Dead

19.Atlantis Plastics Shooting, Henderson Kentucky – June 2008: 5 Dead

20.Carthage Nursing Home Shooting – Carthage, North Carolina – March 2009: 8 Dead

21.Geneva County Massacre, Geneva and Samson, Alabama – March 2009: 10 Dead

22.Binghampton Shootings, Binghampton - April 2009: 13 Dead

23.Fort Hood Shooting, Fort Hood, Texas – November 2009: 13 Dead

24.Hartford Beer Distributor Shooting, Manchester, Connecticut – August 2010: 8 Dead

25.Tucson Shooting, Tucson, Arizona - January 2011: 6 Dead

26.Seal Beach Shooting, Seal Beach, California – October 2011: 8 Dead

27.Oikos University, Oakland, California – April 2012: 7 Dead

28.Seattle Café Shooting, Seattle, Washington – May 2012: 5 Dead

29.Aurora Shooting, Aurora, Colorado – July 2012: 12 Dead

30.Sikh Temple Shooting, Oak Creek, Wisconsin – August 2012: 6 Dead

31.Accent Signage Systems Shooting, Minneapolis, Minnesota – September 2012: 6 Dead

32.Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut – December 2012: 27 Dead

33.Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, California – June 2013: 5 Dead

34.Hialeah Shooting, Hialeah, Florida – July 2013: 6 Dead

35.Washington Navy Yard Shooting, Washington D.C. – September 2013: 12 Dead

36.University of California Santa Barbara, Isla Vista, California – May 2014: 6 Dead

37.Marysville Pilchuck High School, Marysville, Washington – October 2014: 4 Dead

38.Charleston Church Shooting, Charleston, South Carolina – June 2015: 9 Dead

39.Chattanooga Military Recruitment Center, Chattanooga Tennessee – July 2015: 5 Dead

40.Umpqua Community College, Roseburg, Oregon – October 2015: 9 Dead

41.San Bernardino Attack, San Bernardino, California – December 2015: 14 Dead

42.Kalamazoo Shooting Spree, Kalamazoo County, Michigan – February 2016: 6 Dead

43.Orlando Night-club Shooting, Orlando, Florida – June 2016: 49 Dead

44.Dallas Police Shooting, Dallas Texas – July 2016: 5 Dead

45.Cascade Mall Shooting, Burlington, Washington – September 2016: 5 Dead

46.Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting, Fort Lauderdale, Florida- January 2017: 5 Dead

Reality Speaker said...

Very well put.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Pete is a cocksucker

Anonymous said...

Byron es un maricón mentiroso homosexual

Anonymous said...

Byron es un maricón mentiroso homosexual

Anonymous said...

Yes, I said none of the amendments in the bill of rights is absolute.

The first amendment doesn't protect yelling fire in a crowded theater. Public safety is always a limiting factor to the protection or extension of rights.

We don't have to change the second amendment to introduce new gun control. Show me where it says hunting is a protected right. Show me where even self defense or protection of property is a protected right. I'll save you the time. It doesn't. The second amendment is there to provide for a "well regulated militia" necessary to secure a free state. That's it.

chuck said...

God bless the worm that turns.

This is late.

America HATES you white boy.

Anonymous said...

@2:34 Okay . . . I'll show you

Go read the Supreme Court decision in District of Columbia vs. Heller. Though you may not like it, that is the current law of the land.

Here's the gist from Wikipedia if you prefer the condensed version.

"District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008),[1] is a landmark case in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that the Second Amendment protects an individual's right to possess a firearm, unconnected with service in a militia, for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home, and that the District of Columbia's handgun ban and requirement that lawfully owned rifles and shotguns be kept "unloaded and disassembled or bound by a trigger lock" violated this guarantee. It also stated that the right to bear arms is not unlimited and that guns and gun ownership would continue to be regulated. It was the first Supreme Court case to decide whether the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms for self-defense or if the right was intended for state militias.[2]"

Anonymous said...

The city won't release a "murder map" showing killings in the downtown KCMO area for periods 10 yrs, 20 yr, 50 year, and 100 yrs. If it did you would see multiple murders locations on every street. Cemeteries are FILLED with bodies of people murdered in crossroads area, downtown area, plaza area, power and light district. Every sidewalk you walk on in the cross roads was once the location of a corpse laying there, murdered. Just because the city, developers, downtown business leaders want to pretend the area is safe doesn't mean it is. Stupid young girls from Johnson County are moving to the high rise apartments in the P&L district. They are fresh meat for rapists that will not use a condom and leave them with STD's or just kill them. Wealthy young Joco kids should NOT move downtown. If the business leaders of Kansas City (Like DST and Hallmark) cared about the safety of staff, they would have moved offices to south overland park decades ago. But the tax incentives and breaks cause their stock value and profits to go up- making them more wealthy.

Anonymous said...

the top 4 articles on the KC Star "trending' list are all about the First Friday shooting.

They may as well end it --no one's going to First Fridays anymore

John Paul Stephens said...

Thanks for agreeing that the bill of rights doesn't state the right to bear arms extends to everyone. The language only covers a well regulated militia.

Now, I'll see your 2008 single wrongly decided 5-4 court decision and raise you a supreme court justice citing 175 years of legal precedent. A single case like Heller, especially one contradicting all previous decisions, does not make for "settled" law.

"Throughout most of American history there was no federal objection to laws regulating the civilian use of firearms. When I joined the Supreme Court in 1975, both state and federal judges accepted the Court’s unanimous decision in United States v. Miller as having established that the Second Amendment’s protection of the right to bear arms was possessed only by members of the militia and applied only to weapons used by the militia."

Until Heller, the invalidity of Second Amendment–based objections to firearms regulations had been uncontroversial. The first two federal laws directly restricting the civilian use and possession of firearms—the 1927 act prohibiting mail delivery of handguns and the 1934 act prohibiting the possession of sawed-off shotguns and machine guns—were enacted over minor Second Amendment objections that were dismissed by the vast majority of legislators participating in the debates. After reviewing many of the same sources that are discussed at greater length by Scalia in his majority opinion in Heller, the Miller Court unanimously concluded that the Second Amendment did not apply to the possession of a firearm that did not have “some relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia.” And in 1980, in a footnote to an opinion upholding a conviction for receipt of a firearm, the Court effectively affirmed Miller, writing: “[T]he Second Amendment guarantees no right to keep and bear a firearm that does not have ‘some reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia.’”

So well settled was the issue that, speaking on the PBS NewsHour in 1991, the retired Chief Justice Warren Burger described the National Rifle Association’s lobbying in support of an expansive interpretation of the Second Amendment in these terms: “One of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, on the American public by special-interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime.”

And even if there were some merit to the legal arguments advanced in the Heller case, all could foresee the negative consequences of the decision, which should have provided my colleagues with the justification needed to apply stare decisis to Miller. At a minimum, it should have given them greater pause before announcing such a radical change in the law that would greatly tie the hands of state and national lawmakers endeavoring to find solutions to the gun problem in America. Their twin failure—first, the misreading of the intended meaning of the Second Amendment, and second, the failure to respect settled precedent—represents the worst self-inflicted wound in the Court’s history.

Anonymous said...

And yet . . . the Heller decision supersedes all your justifications . . . weird

streamfortyseven said...

Most gun violence - and mass shootings - happen in inner city ghettos. They don't usually involve white people, so they're not reported. Amongst whites, mass shootings are rare and thus newsworthy, in black and Hispanic ghettos, with significant gang presence, they're common and not newsworthy, unless white people are victims. And having lived in a black community for a year - Over the Rhine in Cincinnati, controlled by the Crips - illegally-obtained guns, from pistols to automatic weapons, are commonplace. You can safely assume that any male above the age of 13 is carrying a gun. They get the weapons from police departments with gang infiltration, from military units with gang infiltration, from theft, or from drug cartels. To stop the gun violence in these places, you'd have to round up every gang member and do house-to-house searches - and you'd probably have to call in the Army to do it, and you can bet there'd be some pretty heavy resistance. Currently you can get full-auto rifles on the streets of South LA for half of what it costs for a legal AR-15. To stop that, you have to control the borders, and frankly, you'd have to send the US Army into Northern Mexico to wipe out the cartels. As for police and military infiltration, that's a tough problem - you might have to go full racist to stop that - and that's not going to happen.

As for white mass shooters, the great majority suffer from severe untreated mental illness. There's a profile - they're socially isolated, they play violent first-person shooter video games, and they're incels. A significant number suffer from autism. We've stopped doing significant mental health intervention about five years before this phenomenon started, because insurance companies won't pay for it, and there's no societal will to do anything about it. That must change, if the shooters were hospitalized or in controlled/structured environments, we might not have this kind of problem.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Well put. Now explain why all these vaunted government officials who believe all that legalize never have the guts to start ANY confiscation
It could be that they know, that as much as they think they run the country, that if they try it they won’t be around for long

Anonymous said...

Democrats are responsible for hatred and vitriol that promotes violence.
They asked for no “name-calling” at a recent Republican event.
Then they have their debate and call a sitting president: Rapist, bully, molester, racist, etc.
Of course the mainstreamless media didn’t notice or call the hypocrisy. Pure hatred.
They media and Democrats are complicit with violence and since poverty is part of this- they continue to ply the poor with food stamps and no way to hold them accountable by making better paying jobs and higher wages.
President Donald Trump has brought more jobs to blacks than any president ever since Republicans freed the slaves.
Democrats are the worse scourge ever- followed by the complicit media.
Watch for a National program to reduce violence during Trump’s 2nd and possibly 3rd term.

Anonymous said...

Free one way tickets to wakanda!

chuck said...

God bless White People!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't believe that the worm turns so slow.

Crusius kills----If he was Black, Brown, then the Media would already be filming the apotheosis and hagiography of a "HATE WHITEY" "Oppressed BLACK or LA Raza hero who fought against the "White Patriarchy".


Fuck La Raza

Fuck The Black Caucause


Byron Funkhouser said...

I did not make the comment at 12:35.

"...Probably because you are a racist hatefilled lyin cheatin bastard that’s why"

That isn't true, you racist hate filled lying cheating bastard.

You self-identify with "sLie", "bLIEron", "LIEcus" & Petersucker.

As Petersucker you spout racial hatred. You call me a racist because I am not a racist, just like you racists call blacks "the real racists".

We don't know your name because you're a coward, who constantly, falsely accuses me of making anonymous comments.


The President of the United States is a misogynist, an avowed rapist, a white nationalist racist, a pathological liar, a tax cheat, a fraud, but most importantly a domestic terrorist who should be immediately removed from office, by whatever means is necessary.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Chuck should be banned from this forum for constantly spouting hate filled, white nationalist rhetoric.

Chuck is mentally ill, & someone who knows him personally should intervene.

His response to a young white man killing twenty people is "God Bless White People"???

He is cheering on a domestic terrorist.

chuck said...

She looks so cute.

What a great mom she would have been.

America HATES, Hates, hates you white boy.

Who, who isn't depressed with this death - which in a pre - made excuse for lies about "Diversity".

Shoulder to shoulder, at the funeral home, as the conversation is all about a "Closed Casket" ceremony, because, you know...., slavery.....

This is our future white boy.

America HATES ----HATES white people

In the New America, SHE DESERVED TO DIE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty buildings, TIFs, free trains and scooters have changed downtown and civilized citizens, but not the low IQ welfare paycheck raised urban youth. Don't be fooled by the bangles downtown stay in suburbia where the didndos are out numbered or nonexsitant.

chuck said...

Byron is GOOGLE - Facebook - Twitter - where the truth, the facts don't matter.

Byron is the suppression of Free Speech. WHY??????

I have NO problem listening to ANYTHING Byron wants to say.

I encourage, the Fascist, Totalitarian, AntiFa rhetoric to be made public!!

But "chuck" on TKC, is a danger.

Tony must suppress Free Speech in accordance with the subjective, brain,dead, 5 watt bulb between the ears, proclamations from a Government supported parasite, who, in his exercise of free speech, demands control of the narrative.

Byron, you just reminded me, I gotta water my plants

GOD BLESS WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Trump has violated his constitutional oath to protect the country...." There is no such oath. Will you take an oath to read the constitution before you spout off about it again?

While the First Amendment is not absolute, it is nearly so. The exception is when the speaker intends to and has the actual capacity to provoke others to lawless action, such as a riot. It does NOT include yelling fire falsely in a theater.

A few years back, a Brit expat writer named John Derbyshire wrote in a published article that he advised his teenage children to leave an entertainment venue if blacks started arriving in large numbers. For that, he was fired by his publisher. But he was right then, and most people knew it, and even more know it now.

Anonymous said...

bLIEron is a racist hate filled lyin cheatin bastard..... yup, no doubt about it, it’s all true

Anonymous said...

Petersucker said this boy will pay, she can’t wait to take this to court..... in three or four years, just to give him time served and probation.

chuck said...

Byron -- if it had been a black or a brown person---

The Main Stream Media would have spent the last 24 hours talking about 400 years of slavery and "White Privilege".

The "Manifesto" - is the truth.

White people ARE being replaced and at this point, white boys are --- Like the Black Panthers, Like La Raza - like all ethnic minorities are going to fight back.

It's not like - YOU DUMB FUCK - I have not been predicting this EXACT FUCKING THING for two years, you - again DUMB FUCK.

America HATES white people and "Deplorables".

God Bless White People and God Bless the 2nd Amendment.

This ain't Hong Kong Byron, -- The Proletariat have guns, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! BUY MORE GUNS!!!!! FUCK THE FED!!!!

chuck said...

God Bless the Warsaw Jews!!!!

chuck said...

God Bless the Cambodians who died under Pol Pot.

Chuck M. Lowe said...

God Bless the White South Africans who, disarmed - face the hatred of blacks who are now, killing them. Killing them, burning them alive. Raping them.

Fuck off Byron

8% of the world's population is white --

Suck that black dick you fuck.

Any time muthafuckaa

Anytime at all--- said...

It is a light year past time, ---God Bless White People--- God Bless the America that Byron and his sick, twisted, ethnomasochistic, Main Stream Media, Coastal pukes want to destroy.

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

Anonymous said...

First Friday? It was her last Friday. Sadly.

We can end gun violence. But nobody wants to spend the time or $. If we proactively spent a dollar amount equal to the amount used to buy pet food in the USA each year, gun violence would be solved this year. Build many huge prisons. Give all shooter life sentences automatically. Million dollar mandatory fines for shooters (or their surviving families), stripping shooters (or their survivors of any future social security benefits), imprisoning parents for life if the shooters are under the legal age. Life in prison for any gun dealers illegally selling guns that end up used in a mass shooting. No guns for anyone ever convicted of any type of violent crime, even a very small one. Free continuous gun training for any law abiding citizens that wish to CCW. All CCW holsters and equipment 100% tax deductable, built many huge sanitariams for those that might be dangerous in the future. Make executions public, in a public place as they did in merry old England as a deterent. Of course we are too "politically correct" and wimpy to do any of that. So the killing shall continue long past the date any of you pass away. Good luck to you all!

Anonymous said...

The FBI needs to visit Chuck.

Anonymous said...

Joe Reardon can solve this.

Anonymous said...

5:40 The bad look around here dude is a rat like you, you and bLIEron are both racist hate filled lyin cheatin bastards. Go back to mommies basement snowflake.

Is your socialist democrat convention over already comrade?

Anonymous said...

Here’s what 5:40 left out, as usual his kind can’t tell the truth. Nothing like lying to fit his own sick narrative.

Law Enforcement, as Dr. Evans has noted, is now a gelded and crippled organ in a dying patient.

In some form, in the not too distant future, it is not hard to imagine outraged citizens taking the law into their own hands and culling the filth out of the streets.

The rat infestations in Los Angeles, Baltimore, New York and other cities are a metaphor for the human vermin that also, must, at some point, be eliminated with extreme prejudice from the streets, where they infest law abiding citizens with Bubonic Plague and chaos.

Violence is the ONLY thing that these sub human parasites understand.

Anonymous said...

6:46 I think it’s time for a restraining order and your crazy meds before you go postal. Your hatred is par for the course with you violent left wing nut cases.

Anonymous said...

Very well said. Speak the truth. Thank you

Not Mel Gibson said...

If only Big Sonia could go to El Paso and Dayton and let people sit in her Leopard-Print Sofa !

Anonymous said...

^^^^ +1000000000

Anonymous said...

Wow. A lot of you people suck. No wonder you have no friends and no lives.

Anonymous said...

I am with a disability and welfare cheat (read: steals from the government and me as a taxpayer) who has infiltrated our local blog and won’t go away. And he’s racist and while he’s not necessarily a terrorist he’s stupid as hell.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point.
Trump hasn’t “radicalized” anyone. The “manifesto” in El Paso hasn’t been authenticated. People do evil, brutal things no matter who is president as proven by your list.

Anonymous said...

Byron, you’ve got nothing if not nerve.
You who cheat the taxpayers out of disability and welfare payments so you can sit home and avoid working while slinging names at others, have a lot of nerve. You throw the term racist around (as well as terrorist and misogynist) so easily and often as to make them meaningless.
And I’ve got a news flash for you: putting the USA first is called nationalism. But guilty liberal apologists like you label it white nationalism in an attempt to make it a bad thing. It’s disgusting.

For myself and the millions like me who love this country and the people in it, respect its laws, work hard to support our families, give back to our communities, and do our best to be good people, we get really sick of people like you who denigrate our country nonstop. As well as our City.
How about you stay in your neck of the woods and keep your hate and your handouts there? We’ll stay here and keep loving our city and trying to fix its problems.

Anonymous said...

Byron is a lying thief. He would not say anything like he does on line in public. Willing to pay for his room, travel and board if he wants to visit KCMO soon. Come on Byron.

Anonymous said...

Wanna save the future first Friday matriarchal gathering ? Hire legal , private , armed security company that has the latitude to neutralize threats , and call great KCMO COPS ON THE seen to kick ass , arrest the black people causing the problems !¡!¡

Anonymous said...

2:12 you omitted on your list, the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre which claimed 58 lives, which was on Obamas watch.

Byron Funkhouser said...


Trump was President.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^Kellyanne Conway says otherwise.

Anonymous said...

People? You mean the White Male Monster, dont you?

Anonymous said...

We need insane asylums again! LOTS of them!

Anonymous said...

God bless the white musicians that have to work at 18th & Vine

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

White people, we have a problem

Anonymous said...

It is so easy to blame an inanimate object instead of asking, "why are people so angry in this country?"
I think the media should get a fair amount of blame for stirring up drama. They used to report the news but now they just make it up as they go along.

Clayton Bigsby said...

How odd that David Hogg and the Parkdale parents were in El Paso over the weekend.