Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Buried deep withing the reams of information spewed daily from City Hall, our blog community has discovered a titillating new document which claims that racism is killing Kansas City.

In addition to a great deal of rampant gunfire, of course.

To wit . . .


Take a look at the text and then realize THIS is what City Hall is working on instead of putting more cops on the street . . .

Resolution #190679: Expressing the Council’s commitment and support for Kansas City to achieve racial equity and transform systems and institutions impacting the health of our community.

Here's the legislation:

Expressing the Council’s commitment and support for Kansas City to achieve racial equity and transform systems and institutions impacting the health of our community.

WHEREAS, the City of Kansas City aims to contribute to an equitable city and region, where all residents regardless of their race/ethnicity/nativity, neighborhood residence, zip code, or other characteristics are fully able to participate in Kansas City’s economic vitality, contribute to the City’s readiness for the future, and connect to the City’s assets and resources; and

WHEREAS, there are significant disparities within communities of color pertaining to economic growth, preparedness for the 21st Century economy and connectedness to the City’s assets and opportunities . . .

WHEREAS, communities of color are more likely to be jobless, have higher rates of poverty and racial gaps continue to persist in the labor market, at nearly every level of education attainment, people of color have worse outcomes than whites; and

WHEREAS, there is a looming skills and education gap for the region and City’s African American and Latino populations; and

WHEREAS, African Americans and Latinos who have attained at least an associate’s degree is lower than the share of the future jobs that will require that level of education; and

WHEREAS, the number of disconnected youth that are not working or in school is on the rise, and rates are highest among African American and Latino youth; and

WHEREAS, communities of color are facing significant health challenges including lower life expectancy rates, higher rates of overweight/obesity and diabetes for African Americans; and

WHEREAS, communities of color are more likely to live in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty, have higher housing burdens, especially for those who are renters; and

WHEREAS, food deserts are located in predominately communities of color; and

WHEREAS, communities of color are disproportionally impacted by social determinates of health including transportation, poor air quality, increased exposure to lead, lack of safe places to walk, bike or run and inadequate health education; and

WHEREAS, race is social construction with no biologic basis; and

WHEREAS, racism is a social system with multiple dimensions, including individual racism which is internalized or interpersonal and systemic racism, which is institutional or structural and is a system of structuring opportunity and assigning value based on the social interpretation of how one looks; and

WHEREAS, systemic racism unfairly disadvantages some individuals and communities, unfairly advantages other individuals and communities, and depletes the strength of the whole society through the waste of human resources; and

WHEREAS, racism causes persistent racial discrimination in housing, education, employment, transportation, and criminal justice and an emerging body of research demonstrates that racism is a social determinate of health; and

WHEREAS, more than 100 studies have linked racism to negative health outcomes; and

WHEREAS, the City of Kansas City’s Community Health Improvement Plan Dashboard has outlined that in Kansas City skin color and zip code matter; and

WHEREAS, the life expectancy for a black male living in the 64128 zip code is 68, while a white female living near the Plaza can expect to live to be 85 years old, a nearly 20-year difference between people who live just 10 minutes apart; and

WHEREAS, the Kansas City Health Department, as outlined in the Community Health Improvement Plan, is committed to achieving health equity and addressing social determinates of health; and

WHEREAS, while there is no epidemiologic definition of “crisis”, the health impact of racism clearly rises to the definition proposed by researcher, Sandro Galea: “The problem must affect large numbers of people, it must threaten health over the long-term, and it must require the adoption of large-scale solutions”; and

WHEREAS, with the support from community partners and the Kansas City Health Department, it is the City of Kansas City’s responsibility to address racism, including seeking solutions to reshape the discourse and actively engage all citizens in racial justice work; NOW, THEREFORE,


Section 1. That the City Council expresses its commitment and support for a comprehensive assessment of the City’s interracial policies and procedures to address public health disparities due to racial inequities throughout the region and the City of Kansas City.

Section 2. That the City Manager or his designee is hereby directed to develop and present to the Council a comprehensive plan that incorporates the following policies, procedures and priorities:

a. Assert that racism is a public health crisis affecting out entire society;

b. Assess internal policy and procedures that ensure racial equity is a core element of Kansas City, led by the City Manager, Mayor and Council, in collaboration with the Kansas City Health Department and other relevant parties;

c. Continue to create an inclusive organization identifying specific activities to increase diversity across its workforce and in leadership positions;

d. Incorporate inclusion and equity into organizational practice, offer educational trainings/activities to expand employees’ understanding of how racism affects individuals, the health of marginalized populations, and provide tools to assist members to engage actively and authentically with communities of color;

e. Advocate for relevant policies that improve health in communities of color, and support local, state and federal initiatives that advance social justice, while also encouraging individual employee advocacy; and

f. Encourage other local, state, and national entities to recognize racism as a public health crisis.


You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

I think this council person might be guilty of environmental crimes given the text and paper that this garbage must have consumed.

What a waste, you'd think that even Kansas City politicians would have more important things to work on.

ORC said...

Sad to see the new council still stuck in the 60s. KC has bigger problems than this and it's not all about race. There are some parts of the city north of the river that have less access than east side. It's not always about race but most of the time it's about clueless city hall.

Anonymous said...

No it's about race that's obvious according to what I just finished reading, and I might add that it's the funniest thing I've ever read in my life, not to mention a bunch of CRAP! Basically saying white man bad even when blacks are out shooting everything in their way.

Anonymous said...

Its ALWAYS about race.

Jonsie said...

What a pile of trash legislation. Her constituents should recall her for wasting THEIR time. $71,000 a year for this?

What a ripoff.

Hyperblogal said...

Well intended, but an ordinance against car wrecks would have as much impact.

chuck said...

This is the new "Narrative" as prescribed by the New York Times.

24/7 attack whites and demonize them in an effort to energize the base and keep blacks hating on whites and believing that they can't wipe their asses without a hand out from the tax payer (Read-Whitey).

Another media planned orgy of racial exploitation and, I certainly hope, a fond trip down memory lane to re-explore the travesty of Emmett Till (Then on to that the "Gentle Giant" and that great American, Freddy Grey.).

On and on, in hopes that the never ending implication of ex post facto guilt for slavery, fostered onto continued generations of white whose families never owned slaves and probably, like mine, were dirt farmers, in an effort to divide us into armies of hate (Which, actually, more and more is the only way to confront this issue. HATE THESE COCKSUCKERS RIGHT BACK) so that our politicians and elites can continue to grab power, money and sinecure.

Al Sharpton - a guy who incited riots that resulted in the deaths of at least two people, is the go to guy in the Democrat Party for feted acceptance for a run at the Oval Office.

He personifies the blackmail, the bullying, the lies, legerdemain and corruption that imbues the left in their insatiable quest for a Fascist-Uni-Party system, no different than what the Chi-Coms run today.

The "Race" issue is going to be front and center for the next election cycle and you can bet your life, the violence, chaos and dysfunction that is part and parcel of the Anti-Fa-Democrat Party will kill and kill on this trip to power.

chuck said...

END race based quotas.

END Affirmative Action.

END all anti-white racially biased legislation that cripples our children, instigates hatred, excuses laziness, fosters parasites and divides this country by way of color.

Support, as do brown people support La Raza, as do black people support the literally tens of thousands of organizations that promote blacks based on the color of their skin, as do Asians support Asian organizations -WHITE ORGANIZATIONS THAT PROMOTE WHITE PEOPLE FOR THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN, THE SAME WAY.

Whites are a world wide minority and will be a minority here in the US in 10 years.

Do it for your children, because, like it or not white boy, the New America hates you and wants you fuckin dead.

chuck said...

and Embrace White Power

Anonymous said...

When you've pretty much run out of sources of taxpayers' money at various levels of government, the next place to look for "funding" fake nonprofits and unaccountable programs is in "healthcare".
Unlimited amounts of money there and a quick glance at how the local "healthcare foundations" already spend their money will give you a hint at what this plan actually is.
Hint: One of them funded that great "anti-crime" program Aim4Peace.
It's still going after almost a decade of showing up from Chicago, although we haven't heard much from them in a time of 145+ homicides every year in KCMO.
Dialing for dollars.
Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Well on our way to 150 murders, who knows how many rapes, assaults, robberies and destruction, all at the hands of "The Protected Class" and the city's emphasis in on making sure that the coloreds are maintaining their status as spoiled, lazy, ignorant non-contributors to the metropolis.

I guess it does make sense when you think that the same, useless sponges who suck the blood out of everything they touch, now outnumber us and vote in the equivalent of African Dictators into office to ruin, ruin, ruin, ruin.

chuck said...

I did NOT post 2:16

But I will.

Absolutely, embrace White Power if you are white, the same way blacks ambrace Black Power, the same way Browns embrace Brown Power.

Anonymous said...

White pride, or white power, is an expression primarily used by white separatist, white nationalist, neo-Nazi and white supremacist organizations in order to signal racist or racialist viewpoints.[2][3] It is also a slogan used by the prominent post-Ku Klux Klan group Stormfront and a term used to make racist/racialist viewpoints more palatable to the general public who may associate historical abuses with the terms "white nationalist", "neo-Nazi", and "white supremacist".

So chuck, which one are you?

Anonymous said...

More importantly chuck...why aren't you at work? You never seem to be there? Fucking taker!

chuck said...

I am a white supremacist in exactly the same way, that people who belong to La Raza are Brown Supremacists, in exactly the same way that people who belong to - for example, The Black Caucus" are Black Supremacists.

Eat shit and die.

I'm a contractor, straight commission.

Why are you home?

Isn't the sneeze shield at the Pizza Hut dirty yet?

Anonymous said...

Troll turd, your italic button is depressed. Oh, wait, on purpose you say.

Anonymous said...

provide tools to assist members to engage actively and authentically with communities of color

Firearms or cattle prods?

Have a Cigar said...

It's always a good laugh when these "officials" virtue signal with ordinances that accomplish nothing other then helping taxpayers out of their money to put in our pockets. Useful idiots indeed.

Anonymous said...

chuck's a contractor but he never seems to be at the job site. Tell us chuck, what shitty company employs you so we can avoid them like the plague?

Anonymous said...

Well, teachable moment. This silly public official is only acting out the racial politics of our times. Rather than do anything meaningful to solve actual real problems that might bring uncomfortable questions and conclusions, it's time for more bullshit, rhetoric, and misdirection.

Anything, anything, but the truth and the facts.

Anonymous said...

3:13 shut up you stupid bitch, all you do is hate and for all we know you’re the biggest racist around, it sure sounds like it to us.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what a real public health crisis is, time-wasting council idiot?

Blacks killing blacks every night. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Instead of general platitudes and useless resolutions, why don't these politicians propose...wait for it....SOLUTIONS! Yes, solutions to the city's problems that the city can actually solve. 99.9% of people in this country are not racists. They treat their neighbor, regardless of color, as they would anyone else. Instead of focusing on the .01%, focus on things that matter - good roads, street lights that work, trash that is picked up, enforce code violations, police neighborhoods, prosecute crimes...whatever the city is going to commit to - do it well. Some city resolution about racism is going to do nothing. Contribute - be productive - propose solutions!

Anonymous said...

Based on the comments above many many white people are losing their minds right along with Trump. Goodie

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

just more Democrat Tribalism...yawn

Acario Grinchkuk said...

Just another feeding stall for the grifters at the public trough.

Anonymous said...

I didn’t know that blacks could be racist? Why in God’s name would they pass a resolution against themselves?

Retro ROCKER said...

This was started in one form,or another over fifty years ago. It's the same old song and dance. You know what would help race relations. If the blacks,would stop the volience and Killing each other and other ethnic groups. If you are an employer you are careful who you hire. AND if you notice Employers are setting up Thirty miles or more from the city. Less drama

Anonymous said...

Think any negroes can actually read that resolution?

Anonymous said...

Robinson, a Robert Woods Johnson Fellow, is currently employed with the Black Health Care Coalition as the President.

In short she is using her position in office to further her own private endeavors to further her personal causes and career that doesn't benefit the city in any way.

She was also a board member of the KCPS and it's very clear she didn't improve squat while invovled with that.

Throw this ding bat out of office who was voted in based upon her skin color and not her abilities.

Contractors don't punch a damn clock!!! And there's no daily shift!!! said...

Glug! Glug! Toilet water guzzlers like 3:13 do not comprehend contracted services. Flexibilities in work schedules is common for successful contractors. Coordination of clock and calendar with clients, suppliers, and, often, other contractors is a requirement. Most lucrative and specialized enterprises are rarely 9 to 5, nor Monday through Friday, exclusively.

But, you sound like one of the low IQ slow learner, no ambition type that causes contractors and employers to have profit loss and enforced probationary terms. You'd be whining about lunch break is not at the exact same time each workday, that your 40 hours runs too spread out over 6 days, or too compressed in 3 to 4 days. Yeah, you might make it past the first 30 days, if your mom and the probation officer pushes hard. But, you don't make it to the quarterly bonus pay. So, back to the counter at that burger shack you go!

Anonymous said...

I am thankful that I am not a nigger.

Anonymous said...

It appears that whites hate blacks and blacks hate whites. I think it’s time for a race war and may the best race win. Winner takes all. Let’s go.

Anonymous said...

4:12 you can put the health director into that basket too!

Super Dave said...

I don't hate blacks I just hate those who feel they have the right to kill, steal and any other crime they so choose to do no matter what skin color they are. But I am also a believer that if there can be Black Pride then as well there can be White Pride and it not be racist to claim such.

2:28 is just a hater period.

How about a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich said...

I am embarrassed to have this woman as my Council person. While I agree that there are systemic inequalities - I also recognize that this narrative has been belabored and is merely a regurgitation of facts from her handlers. It also doesn’t speak to the fact that more Black Males kill Black Males than any other demographic, which is part of the reason that the White female living 10 miles apart is living longer than the Black male in 64128. It makes no mention of the comparable Black female age. The analogy she presented pits White females against Black Males when it is well known that women, overall Black or White, live longer than Males. I am sure I could critique every count of this resolution and find similar issues with each and everyone. While I agree that there are systemic, racial inequalities - none are more promoted those against Black people. Black people are the biggest supporters of White Supremacy. They give all of their money to it... every dime, don’t have wills of any kind (granted any property back to the White man to control and profit from - leaving nothing of value for their families), don’t have life insurance... People of color just don’t take care of business. We can’t even really address the systemic issues until we address the moronic ones. Lest we forget that Jermaine Reed, this woman’s close friend, was the ringleader to evict 60 homeowners out of their home to make way for a Police Station. This Councilwoman tore down an elementary school to make way for... nothing and caused toxic dust to waft into surrounding neighborhoods... only to be later elected to the Third District Council seat. It’s really amazing and not all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the rot from the 18th & Vine District has spread exponentially, and that he entire East Side has become a "Black Hole"(!) that the City intends to dump endless amounts of cash into, with no requirements for accountability or results.

The starting point appears to be de-funding the Health Department.

What's next, the remainder of the $800 million (after Sly and Jolie skimmed their rake-off, of course) that was passed for City-wide maintenance to be directed exclusively to this purpose as well?

Anonymous said...

Did the council manage to keep a straight face when they said, go ahead write it up we'll support it?

Anonymous said...

Sly's tweet..

Having a blast signing copies of my book, A Passion For Purpose. Building Cities for Our Children.

Killer City Baby! Enjoy kiddo's

Anonymous said...

The blacks are running out of excuses for their sorry existence when they have to pass a resolution on racism when barely if any exist in killa shitty. By the way, I work with a bunch of racist blacks and nobody can do or say a thing about it.

Anonymous said...

The blacks I sleep with smell like cooked onions. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Black ppl need to fix black culture...and only black ppl can do it...end of story.

Anonymous said...

The city council should clean their house first by hiring an outside auditor to investigate and evaluate the City of Kansas City, Human Resources EEO practices beyond the audit conducted by the city internal auditor that reports to the city manager.

City employees are not afforded the unbiased methodical investigation of complaints on a massive scale.

Anonymous said...

2:28--Whuchu tawken bout, Willus Farrakhan?! Or, is you the ghost of Democrim Senator Robert Byrd? Hey, if you're feeling wayz tarred, jus ax Hilly fo' sum dat hot sauce she keep in her, uh, purse.

Anonymous said...

I thought Jermaine Reed was going to fix the black ghetto called 18th and Vine?

Anonymous said...

^^^^ I fully agree!

Anonymous said...

Who neede niggers for anything these apes can’t build create fix install anything. So ask yourself why in the fuck do these worthless animals even exist? For what purpose are they even on the planet, everything-they touch turns to shit

Anonymous said...

well, that will totally make people give a fuck and help others to a give a fuck more.