Thursday, August 01, 2019

Talking The KCMO Sly James Legacy

In this brief chat, listen to local "journalists" dance around touchy subjects like the murder rate, local debt, rising homelessness and the decline of municipal Democracy.


Legacy of Sly James . . . Abandoned Homes Solution


Anonymous said...

Sly came across as a guy who had a chip on his shoulder and obviously never took care of himself. The vague slogan, "KC we are on a roll" appealed to the uneducated folks who elected him. His legacy will be that he sat by and watched KC become the #5 Murder rate city in America without doing anything to try to address this crisis.
Lucas will be a very good Mayor and will make the Sly James legacy one which is exposed and detrimental to KC.

Anonymous said...

Slumlord sLIE is his legacy, he treated the taxpayers and the city like shit but his buddies like kings.

Anonymous said...

Sly’s legacy is that of a liar and a thief who did nothing for the people of Kansas City.

BigK said...

Now he can go back to his house in Johnson County.
He has a house next to my sister. Sly has the perfect name.
If a black mayor can’t live in his own city, how can anyone else.

Anonymous said...

^^^Go find something else to cry about. How about that?

Anonymous said...

^^^ Take your own advise, Weepy.

Anonymous said...

I am far from a fan of S'lie James. That said, I will admit that S'lie did do some nice things in the city and he was a staunch advocate for promoting the city.

That said, S'lie was pretty wreckless in tenure here. Yeah, we have some shiny new things but he also put tax payer finances at risk for many years to come. He favored helping the rich financially over the poor. Tax increases just about every year. A top 5 murder rate. Poor infrastructure. Bad schools. All of this happened under his watch. The hotel, the streetcar, the airport well be held up as shining successes. But no mention will be made of the financial irresponsibility that went into making them happen.

His legacy will depend on your POV. His apologist will say he was a resounding success primarily because of the new buildings that he helped build with tax payer money. The rest of us will see that he left trail of broken promises and bodies in his wake on the way out the door.


Anonymous said...

Sly didn’t have any solutions. He created problems and only dealt with the low hanging fruit. Nothing on the tough issues. He appeased the Whites while the Blacks hated him. So, he will likely be forgotten in the next six months and if you’ve ever shown up to any venue outside of Kansas City where he was the guest speaker - most people referred to him as Sly Jones. While he got ton of media coverage -it was mostly a marketing plow. He didn’t add much to the conversation and really shared his thoughts and opinions on the matter without really engaging the public in the discussion. His favorite tactic was to establish some bullshit committee to review things which boiled down to a few family and friends who think/believe the same way he did - and so... he will be remembered as the voiceless Mayor. He didn’t really want to hear about what the public wanted, while bedazzling himself with media cameras and lights. It made him look more competent than what he actually was because most people believe what they see on TV, and verify nearly nothing. He was a corrupt Mayor, at best.