Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Sleaze Scummit Approves New Police Toys

A promise of a "no-tax" revenue increase for public safety fooled these suburbanites . . . Here's more info on the vote. Read more:

Lee's Summit voters pass $20 million public safety upgrades

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - Lee's Summit voters Tuesday overwhelmingly signed off on a nearly $20 million package to upgrade infrastructure for multiple public safety agencies. The measure, which passed with 86% of the vote - according to unofficial results from the Jackson County Board of Elections - would be paid for using general obligation bonds, not through tax increases, and would divide the funding between police and fire.


Anonymous said...

As Lees Summit becomes more diverse, they will need at least $20 million in police upgrades. Lee’s Summit and Blue Springs are the next suburbs to become total shitholes becaoof diversity.

Anonymous said...

So,ten years down the road Lee's Summit will be paying for obsolete video camera equipment. Add more interest payments to that also.

Anonymous said...

I’ll tell ya where the moneys going more plate reader toys to collect data on Lee’s summit citizens to in turn sell to private concerns for cash all in the name of”public safety” total bullshit. We’re just being spied on by the police state thugs