Monday, August 12, 2019

Sketchy KCK Tax Breaks Stay Winning

Worthwhile glimpse into this local government feeding frenzy evoking the ire of tax fighters and residents:

'Just not fair': Developers get tax break at KCK subdivison

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Angela Marcus enjoys doing yard work at her home at the Highlands at Piper subdivision in northwest Wyandotte County. Marcus told the 41 Action News Investigators that in the seven years she's owned her home there, she has seen "a lot of build, a lot of brand-new build."


Anonymous said...

This is a developer loop hole in the Kansas law that has been going on for YEARs - no new news here. Good luck in getting your lawmaker to change anything about this one.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a developer loophole, anyone can use this classification. If I own the lot behind me, that could be turned into residential, but I want to, and do use it for expanded yard space, it absolutely should be classed as AG. WTF would anyone want to pay a full developed tax rate for a lot that isn't fully developed? Who would develop property if they had to pay this? Who do these people think sinks money into development? Design costs, permitting costs, infrastructure costs. Ain't the City. Developers bet big, sometimes they win big, sometimes they sink. Even though its almost a no-loss chance now, think how many washed out in 08-10.

Anonymous said...

Coming to the defense of contractors and developers who shove the tax burden even further onto the backs of the average homeowner is par for the course for the selfish, greedy right-wing hogs at the trough. Socialize the risk, privatize the profits. Great racket you've got going in the Trump swamp.