Thursday, August 29, 2019

Show-Me Union Dude Raided

Not local but still of interested as Kansas City autoworkers vote to approve an upcoming strike . . . Read more:

FBI agents raid home of United Auto Workers union President Gary Jones, Dow Jones reports

DETROIT - Federal agents raided the home of United Auto Workers President Gary Jones on Wednesday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation told Dow Jones. The agency has been widening its probe of corruption in the auto union's top ranks as Detroit automakers renegotiate labor contracts for 158,000 employees.


chuck said...

The FBI is the Armed Wing Of The Democrat Party. The union probably wasn't corrupt enough for them.

The Clinton's can siphon off billions for pay offs while Hillary is Secretary of State, NO PROBLEM! We got your back.

Fill out a loan application wrong, and be on DJT's team, OFF TO FUCKIN RIKER'S ISLAND!!!!

The pretense that the FBI and the IRS are "fighting corruption" is a joke.

It took the FBI 6 weeks to finally raid Jeff Epstein's island orgy palace.

This is probably another is an "insurance policy", to find and bury evidence. Recall, the UAW Pension fund was mixed up in saving GM, after Obama dumped bailout money on them. The UAW donates 99% to the DNC and lines other pockets.

Twould be more convincing if they cleaned out a dozen teachers unions too.

I notice that the FBI agents were not in SWAT and riot gear and that they didn’t arrive as a small army in choppers, boats and huge black vehicles.
Apparently they thought an elderly man and his wife, both in night clothes for their first arrest, are far more dangerous than bosses of a union known for violence?

Unions, both public and private, have become nothing but a racket, enriching those at the top. Not too mention public sector unions are also nothing but leftist/democrat operations working to advance the “progressive” agenda

No more public sector unions, and the private sector should have actual workers representing it, with a few trusted lawyers at negotiations

At one time unions were a noble idea and were needed, but like most things where money is concerned, organized crime of a political nature sticks it corrupt nose into it.

The Federal Government is CORRUPT and the DOJ and FBI are the enforcers of what is nothing more than a shakedown of the middle class.

Anonymous said...

^^Boring. Is this why you can't seem to get to work? You spend your time copying and pasting this wretched mess of shit instead of working?

Anonymous said...

^^^ and you spend your time with your head in the sand ass in the air, shitting out nonsense fed to you by the prog-collective. Choosing to remain as militantly ignorant as possible. Atta boy. Or, go read up on the art of manliness and realize what a dipshit you are.

Anonymous said...

Unions, in theory, make a lot of sense.
Unions, in practice, are fucking horrible and unfair

Anonymous said...

9:12 FTW

Anonymous said...

Democrat greedy UAW slobs scamming American consumers.

NEVER buy union products.

Anonymous said...

^^Ugh huh. Matlock's on in the day room!

Anonymous said...

Unions only protect the worst employees ever they suck. Was in a union most of my life glad im in a right to work state now