Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Show-Me Special Session For Missouri Cars

The Super-Minority response . . .

Democratic House Minority Leader Crystal Quade says an "unnecessary tax break" isn't a good enough reason for a special session. She says gun violence and Medicaid for children are more important issues.

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Missouri governor calls special session on car sales taxes

Governor's office SOURCE: Governor's office Missouri Republican Gov. Mike Parson is calling a special legislative session to undo a court ruling on vehicle sales taxes.Parson on Wednesday announced he's directing lawmakers to work on the issue beginning Sept. 9.


NicK said...

so people who buy and sell car dont want to pay taxes, fuck 'em

Anonymous said...

Crystal. Wow. If only.

Anonymous said...

They need a special session to get rid of the ridiculous vehicle inspections which are just a money grab for auto repair shops. Less than 20 states have any type of inspections and yet MO is no safer and has far more uninsured vehicles. If you don't want to get the inspection then why get insurance? And that is the problem!