Monday, August 05, 2019

Show-Me Sen. Hawley Lesson In Swagger???

Yes, Sen Hawley's crusade against social media might to produce any viable legislation but that's not really news, it's politics.

Here's a much better read, with no paywall, regarding the Missouri politico's push back against higher education . . . Checkit:

Josh Hawley Wants to Break Higher Education to Own the Libs

Senator Josh Hawley has had a lot of attention recently. He has been hailed by the Daily Wire as a "wunderkind conservative" and "the most important freshman conservative since Ted Cruz." (This seems to have been intended as a compliment.) His criticism of the "cosmopolitan elite" in a speech to the National Conservatism Conference attracted [...]


Anonymous said...

Hawley is an 'interesting' dude. The guy who attended Ivy League institutions and taught overseas railing against cosmopolitan elite. He passes himself off as just a good ol Missouri boy and people buy this shit hook line and sinker.

With all that, I don't necessarily disagree with the approach the article outlined. Something needs to be done to shake up higher education and the exorbitant costs that continue to increase.

Anonymous said...

^^^ You nailed it - since graduating High School, he's spent the absolute minimum time in Missouri to allow him to run for Office, then spent over 40& of the time he held State Office out of the State doing one thing or another. He backed Greitens hardcore until the popular opinion polls turned, then immediately started an investigation.

Since being elected to the Senate, none of the Bills he has originated have passed, and his record consists entirely of being one off at least ten "co-sponsors" on legislation.

Whether you care for Claire McCaskill or not, her record in the Senate makes this wimp look like just another GOP Empty Suit!

He appears to be desperately trying to generate enough attention o nail down a Federal Job in DC, his place of residence for most of his adult life.

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Anonymous said...

I thought Hawley was still trying to protect the rights of persecuted white nationalist voices on the internet.

8chan is now down. Josh has some work to do. Don't try to change the subject now.