Friday, August 23, 2019

Show-Me Pitch Pushing Lawsuit Against Missouri SecState Jay Ashcroft

Pushing as in filing a mostly one-sided report only from the perspective of social media activists . . . Here's a rundown of their arguments that's hopefully more concerned with turning out women to vote in 2020 than actually aborting more youngsters from the urban core by way of one of the most barbaric and outdated "medical practices" known to humankind . . . Checkit:

Jay Ashcroft faces (another) lawsuit after running out the clock on Missouri abortion rights referendum

Blue Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft is being sued for the second time this month. The lawsuit comes after Ashcroft waited until last week to release the wording for a potential 2020 ballot referendum that would allow Missourians to vote on HB 126, the controversial abortion ban passed in the state legislature earlier this year.


Anonymous said...

A bitch who will kill her own child will cheat on you later.

Anonymous said...

"My body belongs to me".

"Except my Mommy killed me".