Friday, August 16, 2019

Show-Me Legal Dispute Over Missouri Ballot

Quick guide to this article . . . The Pitch is now taking full page ads from the Missouri Democratic Party and their super minority politicos. Soooooo, this write-up is important in terms of presenting a legal argument that may or may not be "influenced" by the new survival strategy of this struggling mag. More importantly, IN THEIR GLORY DAYS THE PITCH WOULD HAVE NEVER ALIGNED THEMSELVES SO CLOSELY WITH EITHER PARTY in order to remain on the cutting edge of the REAL KCMO alternative discourse. Checkit:

Lawsuit alleges Jay Ashcroft wrote intentionally deceptive ballot language for voter reform initiatives


Anonymous said...

If the quotations in the article are correct, Ashcroft is guilty as hell!

Anonymous said...

^^^This is the Pitch. They only use quotes that support their opinion, and toss any and all that do not. Kind of like a junior KC Star.

Anonymous said...

Yes but if he used the phrases that the Pitch quoted, he is guilty, no matter what else he did.