Thursday, August 22, 2019

Show-Me Kit Bond Legacy Powering Missouri Democratic Party Comeback?!?!

We've developing a pragmatic theme for today and possibly a hint that the electorate might not care as much about party loyalty as pundit hacks have led us to believe . . . Take a look:

Dems Could Take a Page From a Dusty Old GOP Playbook

In 1972, a young, bright and energetic state auditor named Kit Bond ran successfully against Democratic Gov. Warren Hearnes to become the first Republican governor in 40 years. It was a stunning achievement, with Bond garnering a 55-45 percent victory margin thanks to a "Bondwagon" campaign promising to end a legacy of corrupt one-party rule by Hearnes and decades of predecessors.


Anonymous said...

It takes a Village!

Anonymous said...

If this is the "best" the democrats have left in Missouri, they're in trouble. Even parsons the usurper should be able to defeat this "kid".

Anonymous said...

Kit Bond was a reformer but ended up a fat old drunk doling out pork to stay in office one more term. That's what happens to the political class. While most only want power starting with their terms on the student council some start out wanting to do good but mostly end up like Bond

Anonymous said...

Fuck these worthless democrats they’re all worthless throw them in jail