Saturday, August 24, 2019

Show-Me Gun Rights In Platte County, MO

Posted simply as a juxtaposition of one local government vs. KCMO . . . Moreover:

Many, but not all, anti-violence advocates blame the proliferation of guns for rising Kansas City crime. HOWEVER, the widespread availability of firearms just a few miles away and even in government buildings disproves the implausible theory that 2nd Amendment freedom is to blame for rising urban core violence.

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Platte County employees can now carry guns while at work

Platte County employees can now carry guns while they are at work. The County Commission unanimously approved an ordinance to expand concealed carry.Whether mowing the lawn or assessing taxes, any county employee with a permit can now take a firearm inside the administration building and out to a job site.Public Works employees requested the change.

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Anonymous said...

Platte county is where I want to be