Thursday, August 01, 2019

Show-Me College Suicide Influencer?!?!

Best write-up of this Missouri case that offers a grim look at "friends" from college . . . Checkit:

Missouri college student accused of convincing five friends to kill themselves

A former Missouri college student is being accused of instructing several classmates on how to kill themselves and convincing them to go through with it. A lawsuit filed by the parents of Alexander David Mullins and Joshua Michael Thomas alleges their fraternity brother, Brandon Grossheim, was responsible for their suicides.


Anonymous said...

MO Colleges sure turn out bright people.

Anonymous said...

lol wat. If five people are susceptible to suicide and only did it because of him then he's a fucking warlock and should be allowed to roam free

Anonymous said...

Offer him free subsidized housing on the east side of our great city aka KCMO.... somewhere in the 3rd District. Give him expense money to work with so he can meet all the “appropriate” peeps, buy them coffee, befriend them and work to put them out of everyone’s misery. In fact, Q should set him up on a mayoral sanctioned advisory board. This guy could be Q’s saving strategy.

Anonymous said...

He certainly has a punchable grill, I'll give him that.