Saturday, August 17, 2019

Show-Me Abortion Jail Time In Missouri??

Or, depending on your brand of rhetoric . . . "Baby killers behind bars" . . . Either way, here's the empty threat intended to swing votes toward a politico without any ideas that weren't crafted by beltway consultants. Checkit:

Public defenders say Missouri women could be charged with felonies for having abortions

JEFFERSON CITY - The Missouri public defenders office says taxpayer-paid attorneys could soon face the prospect of defending poor women charged with felonies for knowingly performing or inducing their own abortions. The public defenders office comptroller, in an email obtained by the Post-Dispatch, said an anti-abortion law set to take effect A ug.


Anonymous said...

And in other news, public defenders are shocked that people who commit murder can be charged with a crime even though they didn't hire somebody else to do it.

Anonymous said...

That should be prosecuted like any child abuser. Some people think they should get a pass. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Catholic bots.

Anonymous said...

How about addressing the male side of this equation - babies don't just appear in women's bodies. A male has to do the deed and create a life. Men need to wear their little rubbers and/or get themselves clipped so that unwanted pregnancies don't happen on their watch. Guys? Ready to step up and take some responsibility?