Thursday, August 08, 2019

Senator Hawley's Tech War Explained

Fair play for this link . . . It's the only mild support we've seen for the Missouri n00b politico's focus on the mobile phone and it deserves a glance if only to offer some insight into the curious mobile phone priorities of the politico that seem to have quieted after a collective eyeroll from his constituents . . . Checkit:

Hawley's War On Tech Is Not To Destroy It, But To Tame It

Sen. Josh Hawley is not leading a Butlerian Jihad; I think he is trying to prevent one. For those not versed in Frank Herbert's Dune series, Butlerian Jihad is part of the backstory within these sci-fi classics. Positing a previous war to eradicate all "thinking machines" allowed Herbert to create a sci-fi series without computers, artificial intelligence, or robots.


chuck said...

Google supports and promotes, Totalitarian regimes and will do it's level best to install a Uni-Party, Progressive-Globalist dictatorship that puts Americans last in line for the benefits that elites take for granted.

Google is the personification of Anti-American Fascism and it should be broken into pieces!!

All websites - even the New York Times suffer disproportionately under the power of the MOST POWERFUL COMPANY THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN.

Anonymous said...

Take your meds chuck.

Google isn't half as powerful as AOL used to be. Stop posting those crap links as well. They're stupid.

chuck said...

^^^ I'll post whatever relates to the topic and, of course, your inability to refute the facts, which leaves you in an untenable position with relation to that same topic, renders you in need of insults vis a vis an argument.

Hyperblogal said...

Hawley's tech war is for publicity .

Anonymous said...

Pretending that GOOGLE isn't the most powerful company to have ever existed is existential, liberal, flat-liner denial in search of a "Big Brother" to "Watch Over Us All".

Shove it up your ass 8:55, if there is room next to your one brain cell.

Anonymous said...

If the lib-tards control tech then why can't I get the damn Republican president off my phone?

Anonymous said...

^^ Woo-Hoo Chuckles @8:08 - if 1/10th of what you (or whoever you copied) say is true, then it's too late, and there is NO HOPE! All your warnings and alarums are useless! The only thing left to do is end it all, but be sure to take our your wife and kids first so they won't have to suffer!

On the other hand, maybe you are as full of shit as you sound, so you won't mind if the rest of us stick around to see if you're an asshole or a prophet, will you?

As for Hawley, the Federalist's headline got it wrong (surprise), lil' Joshie is just doing Daddy Donny's work (hoping for a pat on the head), and the GOP plan isn't to "tame" the internet, it's to "chain and control" it.

Talk about "plans for World Domination", the GOP crying alarms is just about equal to how Italy and Germany were destroyed "save" them.

chuck said...


Google, Facebook, Twitter for starters, are ALL controlled by Left Wing ideologies that are famous for "de-platforming" Conservatives and destroying free speech.

Here is a picture of Jack Dorsey with one of you famous heroes.

Denying the outrageous bias in favor of Progressive ideology in the most powerful companies in world history, speaks not only, to your willful impercipience, but to the success that those same companies have achieved in gas lighting the American public.

Even Elizabeth Warren, whacked out liberal that she is, sees the danger in the total control that these companies have over the warp and weft in the ongoing American conversation.

Warren -

Your comment leaves you, where you should be, living under the floorboards of the once great American nation, content with the talking points your Thought Leaders determine and hope you will regurgitate.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Chuck, you're so much fun when smoke starts coming out of your ears!
Honestly, you sound so fervent that anybody might think for a moment that you actually believe the crap you post here.

Hope you have a good day, type at you tomorrow, we'll see what your "outrage du jour" is then.

Anonymous said...

^^^So, you don't really have a response, other than the vapid, inane blatherings of a Silo Socialist?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

There was a point early after the telephone was invented when it was not imperative that a business had telephone service.

Eventually, however, having access to the telephone was essential to the success of operating a business. At this point, telephone service was regulated as a privately owned public utility. In other words, the telephone company could not deny service to a customer who they did not like. As long as the customer payed for the service, the company was obligated to provide service.

How many millions depend on the internet for a living these days?

Services such as Facebook and Youtube have become much more than an option for many folks who wish to make a living, including traditional businesses and content providers. Search engines, especially THE search engine, Google, can make or break people's ability to earn. Pay engines can do the same by denying service to those they disagree with.

My point is that these entities have passed the point where they can be considered optional luxuries and arrived at the level of "public utilities", indispensable services upon which millions depend for a livelihood and cannot be treated as take of leave services anymore, or used to persecute ordinary people on the basis of ideological issues any more than can power companies or phone service.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how Google's mission used to be "To catalog the world's information and make it easily accessible." Indeed, everything they did, from Google Books to Google Earth seemed to be with that mission in mind.

Then, in 2016, Donald Trump was elected, and suddenly, that entire mission was turned on it's head.

I'm sure you saw that leaked video of Google staffers post-election glumly addressing the assembled throngs in a large auditorium with the implied assumption that everybody present felt just as bad about the outcome as they did.

Suddenly, their mission became no longer to catalog the world's information but to control the way masses of people think.

How could the election of one man have changed a company's entire corporate philosophy overnight? Multiply Google by all the other tech titans, from Apple to Microsoft to social media, which all had a similar about face and it becomes even more bizarre.

Chalk it up to the mass hypnosis that holds that anybody speaking honestly about race and immigration must be the personification of evil and therefore must be squelched by any means necessary.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it, @ 12:11, just stirring up the critters in the zoo!

Anonymous said...

When does Hawley help the aggrieved angry white males and end persecution against them?

When does he get 8chan up and running again?