Monday, August 05, 2019

Rock Island Trail Vaporware Construction Continues In Defiance Of Feds

The latest presser from the County continues a tradition from the Frank White Administration of pushing back against any challenge to his (alleged) authority.

Take a look at a plan devised by a dude who is now serving time in the Federal Pen . . . It's not useful or anything more than one of the most sketchy schemes in all of Missouri. Moreover, it's harder to stop the money machine rolling than most locals realize.

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Construction resumes on Rock Island Trail

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Construction crews are back at work today on the northern half of Jackson County’s Rock Island Shared Use Path.

Work stopped on the trail last week following the Surface Transportation Board’s (STB) decision to revoke the County’s 2016 exemption to acquire and operate a rail line. As a result, the County, in consultation with counsel and experts, asked contractors to pause construction on the project to ensure that any further work was in compliance with the STB’s ruling.

Upon further evaluation of the STB’s ruling, the County, counsel and experts authorized contractors to resume work on the trail. Moving forward, no rail, ties or other track materials will be removed from the rail bed. The 7.1-mile northern section of trail will extend the corridor from Brickyard Road in Kansas City to the Truman Sports Complex.

The southern section of trail is 6.4 miles and stretches from Jefferson Street, west of MO-291 in Lee’s Summit, to Brickyard Road, south of Blue Parkway in Kansas City. Improvements included a new surface for walking and biking, as well as the rehabilitation and preservation of existing bridges at 3rd Street, Chipman Road, the Little Blue River and historic Vale Tunnel. It officially opened to the public in June 2019 and remains open for the community to enjoy.

The County will provide updates regarding the Rock Island Trail as they become available. Please see the attached picture for your use.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Good for Frank!

Kansas City needs better transit and trail options. This has support!

Anonymous said...

Perfect, another great serial killer hunting ground.

Anonymous said...

WTF how stupid are you ?

Anonymous said...

County paid Union Pacific $52 million for the right-of-way.

Who knows how much they've already put into it for the 6+ miles of existing trail for construction, improvements, maintenance?

County will end up paying adjoining landowners who brought suit, many millions more to settle.

It will NEVER have light rail. Anyone familiar with the existing trail knew that from the beginning, as there are sections which are too narrow to have a rail line and a hike/bike trail co-existing.