Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Resolved: Border War Truce Is Fake News

Behind the scenes, the fighting for jobs has never stopped as Waddel & Reed entertain big bucks to move to KCMO . . . However, here's a formerly conservative mag falling for the ruse touted by two Guvs who are struggling to gain popularity and build their credentials. Read more:

Kansas and Missouri Call a Truce in Corporate-Welfare Border War

An executive order by Kansas Governor Laura Kelly and legislation signed by Missouri Governor Mike Parson mark the first time in U.S.


Anonymous said...

Should be against the law for the federal gov or any city/state government to offer any business any sort of money solely for the purpose of relocating unless such task was to perform a certain job that benefits all the taxpayers everywhere. Waddell & Reed is doing nothing but playing games here playing one state off against the other to see who will offer them the most cash. They are holding you the taxpayer hostage in short as they demand money they shouldn't even be entitled to.

Is either state going to offer you money to move and relocate your home?

Anonymous said...

good, their workers will mot try to run people over on lamar at the end of the workday.

Anonymous said...

@10:22 I'd be a supporter of all 50 States offering money to Blacks to relocate their homes tom Africa -

Anonymous said...

The border war "agreement" doesn't address the multiple ways cities and counties use "incentives" for corporations and developers.
Just watch KCMO and its quasi-public under-the-table operations like PortKC, Land Clearance, PIEA, and others continue to give away KCMO's ever-decreasing tax base.
Which shell is the pea under this week?

Anonymous said...

I thought G-Ma Kelly was spending all her time baking cookies for the LGBTQXYZ deviants.