Thursday, August 22, 2019

Remembering The Southwest Blvd Fire

A quick tribute to local journalism and Kansas City history as we remember The Southwest Boulevard Fire by way of classic footage, narration and newsgathering.


"It was one of Kansas City's deadliest fires. Six men were killed fighting a massive blaze at a gas station on August 18, 1959. Firefighters ran for their lives when a gas tank exploded sending a huge fireball across Southwest Boulevard. 500 men from both sides of the state line were dispatched to the fire near State Lane Road in Kansas City, Kan. 100 people, mostly firefighters, were injured.

"The men who died battling the blaze were Capt. George Bartels, Capt. Peter Sirna, firefighter Virgil Sams, firefighter Neal Owen, firefighter Delbert Stone and civilian Francis Toomes. A monument paying tribute to their sacrifice was dedicated on Dec. 18, 1999.

"KMBC-TV photographer Joe Adams shot this famous footage of the explosions and fire. Veteran Kansas City newsman Charles Gray narrated the report and is seen in front of the KMBC studios at the beginning of the film. Jeremy Hubbard's report on the memorial ceremony in 1999 is also included here."

Take a look:

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Anonymous said...

Emergency responders, especially firefighters, are at great risk. Independence Avenue arson fire took two firefighter lives; yet prosecutors ignored two previous area arson fires by same lady.
She caused five other arson fires in other towns.

Helling, Kraske and other Star staff have had little interest in holding officials accountable.

Skippy Sanders was protected until indictments came.

Tragic coincidence of another Southwest Boulevard fire, involving six people. The 2003 Schutte Lumber Company, $8 million arson fire that was linked to two arson fires at Clay County lumber company properties.

Six people identified, only four named and jailed. Mercifully, no firefighters were killed. Skippy Sanders corruptly declines to prosecute for fear of identifying probable instigator, Clay County lumberyard owner / developer.

February, 2014, developer contributes $5,000. to Jerry Nolte's campaign for Clay Commissioner. October 11, 2019, Nolte hosts developer at "political" meeting and developer lectures on benefit of TIF incentives.

2019. Press has no interest in background of Nolte's criminal arsonist patron godfather who wants to regain control of Clay County.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Luanne, we've heard you say all this many times before - now shut up and keep stealing from the taxpayers, you don't have long left, and that huge ass of yours isn't going to look good in stripes.