Thursday, August 15, 2019

Property Tax Hike In Johnson County, Too

The Golden Ghetto copes with their own assessment crisis that might or might not be solved by blaming the glory days of Kansas City Royals history and/or the systemic racism of white flight. Either way, we look forward to this community commandeering social justice language in order to stay in their homes. Checkit:

Johnson County projects property tax increase far above inflation - The Sentinel

Johnson County released 5-year budget projections for the county, and the county is projecting annual property tax increases that are more than double the rate of inflation. The forecast assumes no change in the mill rate; all property tax increase comes from changes in property valuations and the increases apply only for county operations.


Anonymous said...

No one WANTS to pay higher taxes, but at least most people in JoCo CAN pay them. And they do get top rate services (schools, police, streets, etc) for their tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

^^^ True, ya get what ya pay for over there, here on the Misery side ya pay taxes and get fucked in the ass with a sandpaper condom!!!! The services suck here like EMS, fire and police. And going out on the town any given night is gamble with all of the bullets flying over here.