Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Prez Trump 'Kansas Experiment Redux?!?!

Great find by the BEST & BRIGHTEST among our blog community who wanted to share the plan that earned former Guv Brownback a European vacay and not much else . . . Read more:

Trump has taken the GOP's 'Kansas experiment' national - with predictable results

It did not take long after former Kansas governor Sam Brownback signed the state's historic 2012 tax cuts - hailed at the time as "one of the largest income tax cuts in Kansas history" - into law for it to become apparent that critics of the so-called "Kansas experiment" had been correct, while proponents of the legislation had been spectacularly and unambiguously wrong.


Anonymous said...

!!!! TOLD YA !!!!
One tax cut in recent history has had a positive effect on the US Economy, (JFK, 1961) and every other one the GOP has passed either caused economic stagnation or a Depr... er RECESSION!
(Gresham's "Law of Euphemisms" at work, weak words driving out strong ones.)

One depression under Hoover, three "recessions" under Eisenhower, "Stagflation" under Nixon/Ford, a recession under Reagan that was probably more damaging than the one in 1929, another under Bush One, and a "doozie" again under Baby Bush.

That leaves us with the probabilities of what will happen now, with the "same old same old" tax cut/deregulation pony being dragged out of the barn to try yet another horserace.

Economics has reality, folks!
Past performance is fact!
Theory is either guesswork or pipedreams!

Anonymous said...

The GOP can't be trusted with the budget. Small government? Bullshit. Balanced budgets? Bullshit.

They complain about Democrats and "free stuff", but they are the ones that inherit good economic conditions and turn it into exploding debt. The track record is decades long. Fiscal conservatism is a myth.

Even worse, they do it by lining their own pockets with our tax dollars. Middle class help? Just more bullshit.

Anonymous said...

The GOP are fiscally stupid hypocrites. They beat the mantra of balanced budgets, small government and low deficits to the rubes on Faux News who eat that shit up. Then they get the presidency and Senate and explode the budget! They piss all over the brain-dead buffoons who voted them in and those fools eat that shit too! I swear, Republicans are some of the dumbest people on the planet!

Anonymous said...

Sorry 6:33 and 8:11, socialist much? House of Representatives control the budget. Try to learn first and post later.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 8:21, Eat Faux News shit much? House can’t pass anything without Senate and Presidential approval. Stop eating shit and think for yourself before you pst. Oh, and you just got knocked the fuck out!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The $2 trillion in corporate tax cuts that set this trajectory of increased debt was passed by the GOP House, GOP Senate, and GOP president. The increased Trump DoD budgets were also passed by the same all GOP Congress.

But it's not just during this Trump term. If your argument is just blame the House, then realize the fact that the GOP House was in charge of appropriations since the 2010 election. The GOP also controlled the House from 1994 to 2006.

So for the last 25 years, the GOP House has controlled spending for 20 years and the Dems 5. The 5th and most recent budget from this new Democratic House that just took over in January (for FY 2020) hasn't even had Senate votes yet.

The fact is presidential policies matter too. They propose and then sign off or veto the budgets. And history still shows the undeniable annual deficit trends over presidential terms. Reagan and Bush up during 12 years. Clinton down during his 8 (even balanced at the end). W Bush up was way up. Obama brought them back down. Trump now has them back up again.

So try again 8:21. These new $1 trillion annual deficits are from GOP policies and their votes. You're going to have to do much better than attacking the "socialists" when you get your own argument shoved right up your ass.

Anonymous said...

Goddamn 8:21, turn off Fox, go read a non-fiction book not written by someone who appears on Fox. Do you really believe trickle-down works? It has been proven false many times and unless you're a millionaire, you should have noticed yourself. Speaking of Socialism, how do you feel about the billions in welfare farmers receive? Call it subsidies all you want, it is not.

Anonymous said...

Oh Goddamn! 8:21 to run snark, got his punk card pulled, and got his geezer skull caved in! Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Republican(s) take a major flogging in this comment thread. Facts are facts, Republicans have been lining millionaire+ pockets for years, yet for some unknown reason, middle class "conservatives" still go along with this shit.
Republicans like to pit the middle class against poor people. Rich Republicans, taking 9 of the 10 cookies and then telling poor and middle class "hey, don't let that guy take your cookie" for 50+ years.