Friday, August 16, 2019

Presenting Expensive Kansas City Broadway Buck O'Neil Bridge Renovation Options

A local transit wonk shares a peek at how a crumbling local bridge might get a fix . . .

Line Creek Blogger: "There are now somewhat detailed drawings showing where the new US 169 Buck O'Neil Bridge might go unlike the bubble renderings completed during the larger I-70/US 169 study."

The punchline here is that the last administration at City Hall knew the structure was falling apart and KCMO was going to get stuck with a big part of the bill BUT they encouraged the MSM to keep it quiet until AFTER voters passed hundreds of millions worth of unrelated neighborhood improvements . . . That are now mostly spent without much sign of neighborhood benefit.

And so, yet another desperate KC infrastructure need will hobble along whilst waiting on cash from the feds for a real upgrade . 

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Hell what could go wrong?

Anonymous said...

But, but - how can this be?
MODOT can't have released plans like this!
There isn't "Divergent Diamond" anywhere on them!

Anonymous said...

Just think all the extra money Missouri could have used for this had mayor cleaver not stopped I-49 from coming through KC for some dumb fucking reason. Now with 71 we have a costly stretch of road that also happens to be the most deadly AND inconvenient section of road in the entire metro. Local politicians are trash

Smiling Jack said...

First, Cleaver did not stop I-49 from coming through Kansas City.

Bruce R. Watkins and a coalition of Black Preachers sued in Federal Court, first to stop the freeway now called 71 Hwy from even being built, then when that failed, they sued to place stoplights on it in three places and won. Their contention was that the construction would "divide neighborhoods", and a Judge agreed.

Cleaver was the main proponent of constructing the freeway, and did manage to get his revenge on his main KC political rival by naming it the "Bruce R. Watkins Trafficway".

Anyway, after twenty of so years, there was a proposal to re-name US Highway 71 as an Interstate, specifically as a continuation of I-29, which runs from the Canadian border to Kansas City. The US DOT looked at this proposal, but could not approve it, since an Interstate Highway cannot have stoplights or stop signs.

Therefore, in order to not conflict with the previous Court Ruling, only the portion of 71 Highway outside of Kansas City became "I-49", I-29 continued to end at I-35, the Black Preachers were happy, and we got stuck with the FUBAR we have now.

Perhaps some day this insanity will end, three overpasses will be built, and Interstate 29 will flow from Canada to the Gulf.

Anonymous said...

Guess I was wrong. I my defense, all black preachers look alike to me

Nonetheless, we need a complete overhaul of 71

Joe said...

9:53 AM
It's a bridge not an interchange you stupid fucking moron.

If you had any kind of brain, you'd know the difference. And know that diverging diamonds can help interchange level of service when applied in the right situations.