Saturday, August 24, 2019

Newsflash: Kansas City Corporate Welfare Stays Losing Most Of The Time!!! GASP!!!

Check the newspaper catching up to tax figher testimony over the past 8 years . . . AND THEN offering a glimmer of hope for the new administration despite a litany of upcoming East Side tax incentives that are equally doomed.

No hateration, it's beautifully written, the punctuation is perfect but in terms of revealing new info this dead-tree reporting is mostly just repackaging city hall talking points and targeted toward those poor souls who want to feel good about themselves for reading the paper and pretending that they're informed.


KC invested $175 million in development subsidies in 2018. The return is a mixed bag

Kansas City has historically been generous in awarding property tax breaks to big developers. Will the next mayor take a different approach? Kansas City mayor Quinton Lucas has adopted a new measuring stick to evaluate whether tax breaks for real estate development projects are working.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie Tyndall, director of economic development for Kansas City.

This free loader needs to be sent packing also. Along with her boss Troy.

Anonymous said...

Her latest accomplishment, contribution to mankind.

Kerrie Tyndall @KerrieTyndallKC

Just got back from Louisville & used app called @transitapp which provided hot links to @louvelobikes but in #kcmo #bcycle spots show up on map but aren’t hot linked = can’t live book. & apparently we don’t have a #kcbcycle twitter account. @RuKCMO @EricWBunch can we fix?

Anonymous said...

The sole purpose of "tax incentives" to Developers is to obtain bribe payments to the Mayor, City Manager and every Councilperson.
It is incorrect to say that the results have been a "mixed bag", some amount of bribery has been received in every instance, so the "tax incentives" have a 100% success rating.

Anonymous said...

can we fix?

Only her pals David Johnson, Eric Bunch, Eric Rogers, Rick Usher know for sure.

Anonymous said...

Oh no doubt KCMO's finances are in wonderful condition and the envy of the world.

Anonymous said...

We need to consult with Frank White and Gail Beatty to get to the bottom of this.

Hyperblogal said...

When the InterContinental Hotel achieved "blight" status... I knew we were in the Twilight Zone.

Caleb Acutcinass said...

"@RuKCMO @EricWBunch can we fix?"
Wickham James first gig for the city.

Anonymous said...

What $175 million in development subsidies... wonder where are the comments about how the 10th and Vine, Linwood shopping center Thriftway are such terrible losing deals and how the city should abandon any development east of Troost because its such a waste of money... It just goes to show you... don't tell me nothing about racism