Friday, August 16, 2019

New York Times Covers Kansas City's Favorite Backwoods Vacation Mud-hole

Review of a review without the paywall and a reference to pop culture tribute from the Jed Clampet to celebrated meth warlords. Read more:

The Lake of the Ozarks just got a travel feature in the New York Times

Lake of the Ozarks CVB|!!| FunLake.comPop culture gives Lake of the Ozarks a bad wrap. Take popular Netflix series Ozark, where a money-laundering Chicagoan Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) and his family feud tawdry, drug-hungry backwoods families in the namesake lake town.


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Just dont do the side stroke while swimming in the Ozarks you might inhale a floating used condom that floated out from Party Cove. We need Duck Boats at the Ozarks that would make everything better there.

Anonymous said...

Drunk hillbillies with power boats. That's just great.

Anonymous said...

At least there isn’t a nigger in sight more than I can say for the fucking commies at the New York slimes