Friday, August 02, 2019

Missouri Sen. Hawley Dadddy Issues?!?

Great read and think piece on the freshman Missouri Senator attempting to leave his mark via social media . . . Always a bad idea. Checkit:

Against the Republican Daddy State | National Review

Josh Hawley's efforts to micromanage social media are an affront to limited government and personal responsibility. On Tuesday, Senator Josh Hawley introduced his second proposed regulation of social media in as many months.


Anonymous said...

The masses are not addicted to social media.


Anonymous said...

Hawley isn't addicted to ANY publicity he can get.


Anonymous said...

Zuckerberg is a lizard creature in a human skin suit.

Anonymous said...

There is a problem, and it is almost sure that Hawley has no chance
of properly diagnosing and remedying it. Way beyond his grasp.

Huyen said...

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