Thursday, August 01, 2019

Mayor-Elect Quinton Lucas Notes Promises Behind The Kansas City Star Paywall

From a "safe space" provided by institutional "journalists" and their insidious softballs . . . The new Mayor promises to work on Regionalism, Safety, Collaboration, Transparency.

As with all politicos, the promises are vague and difficult to quantify precisely . . . However the incoming Mayor offers the written screed only to those willing to pay a ransom of hundreds every year to a dying company that enjoys a bevy of local tax breaks . . . OR crafty locals who can easily jailbreak content that should be a matter of public record for educational and news purposes protected by FAIR USE law.

Accordingly, a kind soul sent us this link because the people at the newspaper still don't know how the Internets works:

Quinton Lucas: As mayor, I will focus on these four areas to make Kansas City work


Anonymous said...

Well lets just see how well KC works under this guy.

Anonymous said...

Some highlights from Lucas's program:

Deploy regionalism to "create a talented work force, fight violent crime and build a long term healthy tax base." No details how that works.

"Make permanent our investment in the KCPD's social work program...." Here he uses the word investment as a euphemism for "throw money at."

"Bring groups with disparate viewpoints together." This will "keep development moving forward while taking care of our poorest." Somehow.

Inform the public in more detail how their tax money is being spent. This is a good idea, but the chance that the city administration and council will actually make it happen is very low. There would be riots.

Sajkat Brawnasschelli said...

Quinton is still waiting on advice from SLie and JoLie on how to solve the crime problem.

Anonymous said...

^^and you're waiting on your diaper change so you can watch the Matlock.

Anonymous said...

So true the Star doesn’t know how people get their content free and legal.
It’s insane and there are many ways... most involve Googling news and make up your name of your reporter or section.
Use an incognito browser and mix them up.
It’s free.