Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Local Small Town Newspapers Stay Losing

This morning the KC Biz Journal told us about a "media megamerger" wherein the Independence Examiner, Leavenworth Times owner will buy newspaper chain Gannett. Gatehouse also owns a bunch of rags from nearby rural areas and this note warns us that the carnage is going to be substantial. Checkit:

No Matter How It's Sugar-Coated, Gannett Merger Won't Be Sweet for Journalists

Here's the sugar coating for the Gannett-Gatehouse merger: "The Merger also affords an opportunity to realize run-rate cost synergies of $275-$300 million annually across the combined company in a judicious manner, while continuing to invest in newsrooms," the company promised in a news release.


Anonymous said...

And none of them will be able to learn to code. What a pity.

Anonymous said...

Called it: These dailies will be no more by next year.