Monday, August 19, 2019

Latest From Kansas City Green Transit Fight

Behind the scenes, longtime transit activist Clay Chastain remains in a battle royale with KCMO . . .

One of his latest declarations . . .

"The court (Division 8) has notified Defendant City to appear this Thursday @ 1:00 PM to answer to Plaintiff's complaint that the City is trying to muzzle KC voters by not letting them vote on their valid petition they submitted to the City 4-months ago. Of course, the City could spare everyone the time and expense of having to prepare for and attend the hearing by declaring they will stop acting in bad faith and vote this Thursday (last chance) to place the petition on the upcoming November 5 ballot."

And a new campaign development . . .

Clay Chastain launches "Green Transit" campaign

While the rest of the world tries to take green steps forward in fighting a climate going mad, Kansas City stumbles backwards with a slew of glitzy carbon-emitting / car-oriented developments.

They include mostly luxury-oriented and tax-abated projects like a new airport, / convention hotel / office tower / Sprint Arena, Power & Light District and (possibly) a new well as Cerner @ Bannister and Twin Lakes in the northland, etc. Compounding those cow town planning-type projects is the fact Kansas City also suffers from an abysmal, unpopular and wasteful $100,000,000.00 a year diesel bus system, soaring transportation costs and only has a cutesy / limited streetcar system for tourists. Immersing Kansas City in wall to wall cars (and all its costly and associated infrastructure needs like more concrete parking garages, asphalt parking lots, roads and "scars upon the land") is not only environmentally damning, unsustainable and harmful to our City's attractiveness, it is also ruinous to our citizen's quality of life and hopes for a more prosperous future.

Nowadays, most people want to reside in, do business in and visit green, prospering and transit-oriented cities that are safe-not backwards, stagnating and car-oriented cities...especially ones that are also submerged in an epidemic of violent crime!

When elected leaders fail the people, we have an option - "Direct Democracy." The "Green Transit" petition is the people's mechanism to change our City's course and revitalize it around a new modern, citywide and expanded transit system that is zero-emission, rapid and convenient for everybody. It will be headquartered at a new Union Station hub and include an innovative ultra light rail system, "smart train" (electric articulated autonomous bus) line to the airport, electric express and autonomous shuttle buses, new "Greenways" and an aerial gondola transport system connecting a revitalized Penn Valley Park & the Liberty Memorial to Union Station and the downtown convention center. Its aim is to make "the City Beautiful," beautiful again.

Developing . . . 

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