Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Koch Legacy Still Hotly Debated

Bernie had to tell progressives to put a sock in it amid cheer over the Kansas influencer's death . . . Still, the arguments persist. Here's a high profile tap dance . . .

Oilman David Koch set the world on fire, then died and left us to face the rising flames | Will Bunch

David Koch led a remarkable life in which he and his brother Charles - the legendary or notorious, depending upon your politics, Koch brothers - turned their right-wing oilman daddy's fortune into untold billions. They made so much money that David could give some away to pet causes like the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) while electing the ultraconservatives who wished to destroy it.


Hyperblogal said...

Rockefeller passed out dimes, Carnegie passed out libraries....all done to make us forget what horrible things they did to society . Koch is no different.

Anonymous said...

Another example white people using money and power to kill and destroy everything they touch.