Thursday, August 01, 2019

Kobach Shares Cringe Video About Racism That His Political Opponents Rip To Shreds

Horrible and a sign that he's not ready for prime time as a Senate candidate: A Personal Message From Kris Kobach

Of course it elicited a quick backlash from progressives who missed the big picture . . . The production is just awful, corny and something that your drunk uncle wouldn't even put up on FB.

Try to defend it but it's just not professional level branding and it's a hint at the downward spiral of a very smart man who was bullied into a political corner by both liberals and Conservatives alike . . . Here's the obligatory push back:

Kris Kobach releases racist video to disprove racism allegations

Kansan Kris Kobach, the Republican former secretary of state who lost the 2018 gubernatorial election by five points to Democratic nominee Laura Kelly in a state that President Donald Trump carried by more than 20 points two years earlier, is back and running for U.S. Senate.


Anonymous said...

Shhh! He's the best chance the Democratic Party has of making more progress in Kansas.

Anonymous said...

best comment on the video.

Legit surprised Kobach still allows us to vote on this video. Very off brand.

Anonymous said...

that video was just plain weird. kobach is a kook.

Anonymous said...

Kansas Republicans, prove Kobach's critics wrong, nominate him for the Senate!

You'll show them!

Anonymous said...

I'm a hardcore conservative and I don't want Kobach involved in Kansas politics in any way

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^But he has your most cherished qualification.

He's white.

Anonymous said...

Kobach is just a Trump mini-me.

So is MAGA over???

Anonymous said...

Watch and share the video. Kobach is right. Liberals call us racist, sexist, and homophobes because it defects from the issues and they can't win an argument on merit. They did it to Trump, Kavanaugh and now Kobach. It's echoed by universities to stifle debate and the liberal media that spreads fake news. This post calling the Kobach video racist is from a liberal blog. It's propaganda.


We don't need a "go along to get along" RINO in the senate. Conservatives need to get behind MAGA and Kobach to secure the border and stop illegals.

Anonymous said...

You run, Kris. Don't pat attention to what anyone says. After all, you're smarter than all your critics put together.

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOollLOLOL KKKobach is dumb for releasing this video. I like how all the white people are great family folks and the brown people are the ones you should be scared of. What an idiot.

Not Byron Funkhouser said...

"White Supremacist" has long been the preferred Jewish epithet to throw at White people who have the temerity to do what Jews do routinely: openly advocate for their ethnic interests. This hackneyed label has always been utterly beside the point. Whether Whites are superior to non-Whites has no logical bearing on the moral legitimacy of White people defending their collective interests. (((Josh Israel))) is simply pushing an old, tired Jewish Media Narrative that fewer and fewer thinking White people take seriously.