Sunday, August 04, 2019

KCMO Questions With Mayor Quinton Tonight

The new Kansas City mayor has endured a tumultious first few days during his tenure and now works to reach out to the community.

A glimpse at transparency by way of social media . . .

"There was a lot to talk about in #KansasCity this past week and we need to discuss more solutions for the week ahead. "Questions with Quinton" from 18th & Vine returns with me now as mayor on Facebook Live. Follow along (link: at 7:30PM tonight (and every Sunday)"

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Will we be able to ask him who really runs this city?

Because it ain't him.

Anonymous said...

Quinton, what does dick taste like?

Anonymous said...

We just found out his top priority, 18th and vine

Anonymous said...

Same song, 47th verse.
First, visit some "regular" folks and make believe you really care about what's going on in their lives.
Then schmooze the pitiful local media and talk, talk, talk.
The head for city hall and work those backroom, under-the-table, insider deals that KCMO is famous for.
The Star will NEVER report any of it, so don't be concerned about the public finding out.
Momentum and legacy city right around the corner.
What is the first project that KCMO is going to ignore the Missouri/Kansas "border war" agreement and give local tax breaks to?
Local giveaways aren't included and no one will ever know!

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