Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Kansas City Wednesday Midday Link Pool

Right now hottie Courtney shares her chesty goodness with the celeb blogs and brings pop culture implant inspiration for the midday . . .

Hollywood Reporter: Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons React to Breast Implant Recall - "Don't Panic"

NY Post: Swedes are getting implants in their hands to replace cash, credit cards

Teslarati: Tesla Model 3 owner implants RFID key card chip into her arm as ultimate hack to unlock door

Closer to home, here are some of the nicer local news links for the midday that also deserve a peek:

Cleaning Kansas City Streets

Kansas City to resume street sweeping, 3,000 miles to clean in 4 months

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After cutting it from the budget just three months ago, council members are taking action to resume street sweeping. Residents were upset when the city decided to save $2 million by eliminating it in May. Many taxpayers consider street sweeping to be a basic city service.

Meth Town Tribute Redux

Rotary Club of Independence rededicates police memorial

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Members of the Rotary Club of Independence, Missouri, re-dedicated a police memorial to Lt. David Kraxner Monday morning. The club first installed the memorial in 1968, roughly two years after a man after he stopped a car which was reported stolen. Now, the memorial has big, blue signs on all three sides.

Helping The Troops Also Helps Kansas City Inner-City

Veterans Community Project and its volunteers revitalizing Troost and 89th Street area

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Veterans Community Project has seen more than 5,000 volunteers since the tiny house village began, and all those helping hands are also helping nearby businesses in south KC. The project provides tiny homes to homeless veterans while giving them the tools to transition into their own independence.

Kansas City Pet Rescue

KC Pet Project: 121 animals adopted, 123 more brought in over weekend

The KC Pet Project can't catch a break.While the shelter is celebrating a successful weekend special adoption event, it now has even more animals in need of adoption than it started with, and is back at critical capacity.

Local Journalism Name Game

Seg. 1: Media And The Midwest | Seg. 2: Retirement Living Options

A recent blog by Peggy Lowe offered advice to coastal media outlets who continually use clich├ęs when covering life and culture in states like Iowa, Missouri and Oklahoma. The article struck a cord with other regional journalists and they agree, there's a few things fellow reporters living elsewhere should know.

"Old Men Yelling At Clouds"

Royals Rumblings - News for August 21, 2019

The MLB season is a long one. With that in mind, the Royals are monitoring Brad Keller's workload, writes Lynn Worthy of the Kansas City Star: "We're definitely monitoring his innings load," Yost said. "If it gets to a point where we feel like he'd benefit from missing a start, we might do that too just to give him a break.

Artsy Retail Re-purposing

MTH Theater Partners With Quixotic To Re-open 440 Seat Theater In Crown Center

Earlier today MTH Theater at Crown Center announced a partnership with Kansas City based performance art collective Quixotic to re-open the 440 seat Theater located on the fourth floor of Crown Center. Formerly the American Heartland Theatre, the venue is being refurbished to accommodate a 3 month installment of an updated version of Quixotic's SENSATIA.

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Anonymous said...

Street sweeping should be happening 5 days a week all year round long as no snow is on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Year round as the street sweeping would probably do a better job of cleaning the streets as opposed to the plows.