Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Kansas City Tuesday Night News Links

Just a quick roundup of bad news that's still worth a look. Checkit:

Dead Local Lady Discovered
Missing KC person found dead in Blind Pony Lake
Another Lesson In FAIL

Bus ride home after school runs hours late

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- It was at Grand Boulevard where a mother said she was waiting for her child who was supposed to be dropped off by the bus at around 3:30 p.m. According to the GPS, the school is eight minutes away, but the mother said the bus took over three hours.

Show-Me 2020 Contender Talking Pro-Choice Missouri Issues

Presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand to visit St. Louis to decry state abortion limits

WASHINGTON (AP) - Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand is planning to hold a reproductive rights town hall in St. Louis, home of Missouri's last remaining abortion clinic. A new state law bans most abortions at the eighth week of pregnancy. But the restrictions have yet to take effect and have been challenged in federal court.

Tragic Local Connection

9-year-old boy and woman, both from Kansas City, killed in crash involving semi in Cameron

CAMERON, Mo. -- A crash involving a semi truck claimed the lives of two people from Kansas City, one of whom was a 9-year-old boy. Savion Spearman-Lathrop, 9, and Desari Lathrop, 29, were both killed in a crash early Tuesday morning in Cameron.

Costly Rock Chalk Baby Debate

Kansas pays Planned Parenthood's legal bills over Medicaid

A court filing shows Kansas' failed effort to strip Medicaid money from Planned Parenthood will cost the state more than $464,300 in attorney fees, expenses and other costs.A stipulation filed Monday in federal court in Kansas comes after the U.S.

Dead-Tree Double Take

Kobach faces second complaint in using border wall nonprofit email list for donations

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Kris Kobach launched a campaign video that "will help voters distinguish fact from fiction." A campaign-finance watchdog has filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission alleging a nonprofit broke the law by allowing Kansas Republican Kris Kobach to use its email list to raise money for his Senate campaign.

Losing Season Ultimatum

If Alex Gordon returns, it shouldn't be as the starting left fielder

My first article for Royals Review was about Alex Gordon. It was in 2014, when I double-spaced after periods for some reason, and it was at the height of Gordon being amazing. Per Fangraphs' version of Wins Above Replacement, Gordon was worth 21.4 WAR between 2011 and 2014, making him the 11th most productive position player during that time period.

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Reality Speaker said...

Does anyone find it ironic when we, almost universally, laud profusely our no-kill pet shelters, while supporting pro-kill Planned Parenthood?

Anonymous said...

^^^ NO
Nobody but you is bothered by it.