Thursday, August 29, 2019

Kansas City 'Triple Crown' Needs Repair

This old school outdoor art is falling apart, take a look at more info on the most overrated and outdated exhibits that somebody forgot to remove more than a quarter century ago . . . Checkit:

After Nearly 30 Years, KC's Floating Sculpture Needs a Fix - KC STUDIO

One of Kansas City's most prominent pieces of outdoor art - and one of my favorites, I might add - is on the verge of a nip and tuck. It's Kenneth Snelson's "Triple Crown," the tri-polar web of stainless-steel tubes and cables that sits on the southernmost grassy point of Crown Center, where Main Street and Grand Boulevard converge at 27th Street.


Hyperblogal said...

street name: Tinker Toys In A Hurricane

Anonymous said...

Move some money from the pothole repair bank accounts.

Recognizing and Emergency

Anonymous said...

So that weird shit is supposed to be "art"?
And somebody actually put their name on it?

(I don't think the word "art" means what you think it means.)
Bring on the Iocaine Powder!